Lock Files and Folders With or Without Data Locking Software

New Jersey, (PressExposure) January 05, 2012 -- In this technological age of hacking and online scams, everyone is looking forward a way to secure his or her private files and folders so that other people cannot read or view it. Everyone has his own reasons of why he wants to secure his data. Many people especially businessmen and entrepreneurs want to lock their files and folders because they are pretty sensitive and important for them to run their business successfully. Also, a leak of such important data can cost them a great deal of money and reliability loss. The reputation of their business can go straight in trouble. Many other people like home end users and teenagers want to hide their private stuff from their parents, neighbors and roommates because they don't want them to pry into their stuff.

No matter what the reason is, data security has become the most important aspect of computer security for almost every computer user. There are various ways of securing your sensitive data, but not all of them will provide you absolute security for your confidential and sensitive bits and bytes.

The only way that will provide you ultimate security of your files and folders is locking them with a password which only you know. You can lock files and folders with or without software depending on what level of security you want for your data.

There are many data locking software available in the market that can lock files folders and even drives with just a single click of the mouse. Only you can access locked files and folders by providing the correct password.

However, if you wish to lock down your files and folders without using any data locking software, you can do so, but keep in mind that such type of locking can be easily tampered and your locked files and folders can be easily accessed by anyone.

Lock Files and Folders without Data Locking Software:

Files and folders can be locked without any data locking software depending on the Operating System being in used.

1. Using Linux/UNIX:

2. Using Windows

Linux and UNIX users can lock their files and folders by setting up the permissions from "chmod go-rxw" so that no one except administrator can access their files and folders. Windows users can also lock their files and folders from the "Advanced Security" tab. From here, they can remove every user which they don't want to access their data by using "Deny" option. You can simply add yourself again to restore your access back.

Lock Files and Folders with Data Locking Software:

Files and folders locked with data locking software are more secure as compared to the ones locked without using any special software.

1. Using Folder Lock

2. Using Folder Protect

You can use Folder Lock if you simply want to lock and hide your files so that no one can access those files. However, if you need to secure certain files which you want to share with someone else and need security so that they cannot delete or modify your files, you can lock them with Folder Protect.

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