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Scottsdale, AZ (PressExposure) March 08, 2012 -- Unauthorized use of proprietary digital content is a nightmare for many companies and individual publishers. People have not only violated copyright laws through unauthorized copying but they also deprived hardworking artistes of their revenues and endangered the well-being of other people upon stealing sensitive documents.

There is therefore a need for proactive information rights management beyond the efforts made by law enforcement agencies. To this end, Locklizard has developed an array of information rights management software ranging from copy protection software to PDF encryption software all of which are designed for the sole purpose of giving creators/authors the power to protect their digital property from unauthorized access and use while also allowing for secured document sharing.

Locklizard takes a different approach to information rights management. Many data security systems operate by limiting access to the computer in which the data is stored. Such systems require users to utilize login software before they can access a file. The problem with such systems is that the files are only safe before the mechanism is breached. If someone gains access to the computer or if a legitimate user copies a document to a portable storage device or emails it to a private email account then all protection is lost. This is why Locklizard emphasizes continuous protection whereby each file is protected with features that prevent it from being used by individuals who have not received the requisite permissions. In this way, even if an unpermitted person gains access to a file he cannot use it.

Secured document sharing is vital for organizations where important information needs to be exchanged. This is because of the constant worry that documents can be stolen or altered in such a way that can jeopardize the functioning of an organization. Thus, there is a need for software that can be used to protect these documents and ensure secured document sharing. Private publishers also need to protect their documents from illicit duplication and this is especially so with writers who choose to publish on the web.

To safeguard the interests of all these people, Locklizard has developed superior copy protection software that prevents copying of documents without the owner's permission. This includes PDF protection software that limits what one can do with a document by regulating the number of times it can be printed, copied or viewed. Copy protection software also permits you to monitor how your product is being used so that you can revoke the rights to the document if you so wish.

Secured document sharing can be particularly challenging over the internet because of the numerous spyware that can be used to steal confidential information. Organizations that maintain sensitive client databases therefore need copy protection software that can thwart spyware. To learn more about our information rights management solutions visit us at http://www.locklizard.com.

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The LockLizard Company was started in the year 2004. It was established through the coming together of document management security and information specialists who have more than 45 years of joint experience in the areas of IT security, encryption, copy protection and digital rights management (DRM). The company takes pride in being the market leader in terms of DRM supplies for governments, publishers and other enterprises. The company's products exceed the security standards required by finance, training, analyst and publishing companies.

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