Los Angeles Web Design Firm Can Save You from the Negative Effects of the Dreaded Penguin Update

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) May 16, 2012 -- You can avoid getting slapped by Google's latest update that caused a lot of websites to lose their search engine rankings by getting help from Avenue14, one of the best Los Angeles web design firm today.

The online community has been actively talking about the dreaded Penguin update for weeks now because of the unwanted effects it had on lots of websites. Website owners suffered a major blow when their sites lost their rankings. The said update has initially caused even quality websites to lose their rankings and initial findings of different experts showed that the update didn't really do much good because sites that made it to the top of search engines were not even close to being unique, relevant, and quality.

The fear of most website owners is that they may get slapped even if they have original content and employ white hat search engine optimization techniques. Because the update seemed 'unstable' at first, website owners fear that all their hard work go to waste when the update happens yet again.

The latest algorithm change, according to Google, is meant to remove webspam or sites that are guilty of over optimization. This update is meant to discourage low quality sites and give those that offer quality an opportunity to get ranked well.

This is surely going to affect a lot of websites since there are so many sites that are of poor quality. The only problem is there are some website owners who feel like despite their attempts to produce quality sites, they still experienced some drop in rankings.

There are so many issues raised and complaints hurled at different places. And since we don't really know what Google's exact technique in determining which sites are violating their guidelines, the only thing we are left to do is follow and make sure that our websites are good.

This is where Avenue14 can help you. No matter how much you know or do not know about this Google update, there is no need to worry about suffering a blow because you can be confident that your website adheres to the guidelines imposed by search engines.

That means you won't have to be too concerned about losing traffic and suffering from loss of sales because your site got flagged by the Penguin or any other Google algorithm change.

How can this be done?

The answer is simple. Create websites that focus on providing favorable end user experience. Make sure that the site is designed for the audience and not search engines. Be careful with over optimizing your web pages and make sure that the keywords appear naturally on each page.

These things are not hard to accomplish for the right team of web solution experts. Considered as one of the best web design companies in Los Angeles, Avenue14 will be able to give you a website that will not cause you any worry.

Avenue14 will help you avoid the dreaded effects of such updates by building a website that is high quality and geared towards providing users a very good browsing experience without neglecting the need to make websites attractive to search engines.

With over 10 years of industry experience, the staff of Avenue14 will be able to offer businesses and individuals the best web solutions. They can guarantee that your website has quality content and will not raise red flags that could cause it get penalized by Google.

Because it's the web design company's vision to provide affordable, personalized, and quality services to all its clients, you can be assured that Avenue14 will ensure that your business' website will perform well even in the midst of any algorithm changes simply because it is designed to provide quality.

About Avenue14

Avenue14 is a small, well-established web design and online marketing agency that has over 10 years of industry experience you can count on for your website needs.

It offers business owners services critical to success-website design, copywriting, and search engine optimization. Its team of expert staff will ensure that your projects get individualized attention for maximum results, allowing you to get the best-customized results.

Companies that need a website or already have a website but want to get better rankings will definitely benefit from services offered by the best Los Angeles web design firm.

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