Love is in the Genes - There's More to Life Than Science and More to Love Than Passion

Prescott, AZ (PressExposure) February 05, 2009 -- Can this marriage be saved? It may be old science, but new evidence points more and more to the fact that all things are interconnected. Especially when it comes to love. No longer is passion enough to sustain a healthy relationship. It takes a little science, too.

With the approach of Valentine's Day on the horizon, Career Coach Kathi Calahan says that this is the perfect time to become better aware of our love life obstacles so that we can move past them and discover and achieve our Life Works. What do love and career have in common? "Science and passion," Calahan candidly reveals. "So many couples stay stuck in routine, boring jobs, if they're lucky enough to have jobs these days, because so much of their attention is spent on romantic damage control." What causes the personality conflicts in romance? "Science," she insists.

While Calahan is primarily a Career Coach, she knows the dangers awaiting those who want to start their own business while relationship problems continue to loom large in the background. In her home study course, Discovering Your Life's Work - How to Start Your Own Business, she recommends that anyone having troubles at home first resolve those difficulties and then set out to start their own businesses. "It's nearly impossible to get a business up and running when all you can think about are the problems at home," advises Calahan.

Could our personal problems be related to our genetic DNA make -up?

In a recent conversation with Dr. Fredric Abramson, President & CEO of AlphaGenics, Calahan learned that the human body comprises 103 different genes, many of which influence our degree of romantic satisfaction. Abramson's company is currently testing and studying 51 of those genes and the effects this DNA has on such areas as weight management, sociability and shopping, for example.

Offered as a tool to diagnose where romantic problems start, Abramson's My Gene daVinci testing provides scientific focus to couples, rather than guesswork, by highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, thus offering a starting point for damage control.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Calahan will be interviewing Abramson on her BlogTalkRadio show, Prescott Radio, Discovering Your Life's Work, Tuesday, February 10, 2009 from 3:00 - 4:00 Pacific Time. In layman terms, discussion will include such genetic influences on romance as:

Agreeableness Alcohol craving Sexual Behavior Spirituality and Worry

During the show, Calahan will be focusing on the big question, whether there are any solutions for couples who are predisposed genetically to opposing views and lifestyles, and if so, what the solutions are. For further information on listening and calling in to the online radio show discussion go to

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