MD Chiropractor Releases Software for Chiropractic SOAP Notes Now works on the iPad

Cumberland, Maryland (PressExposure) January 24, 2012 -- Dr. David A. Bohn, DC, has a busy practice on National Highway in Lavale, Maryland. He has been helping people in this field and small town for 20+ years and has treated literally thousands of patients. Dr. Bohn may have a practice in a small town, but his software is big time powerful. His recent addition to the many capabilities is to make it compatible with the iPad.

Dr. Bohn had his share of other software programs, all coming up short of what he really needed. Therefore, he developed and streamlined this Chiropractic Software in a sort of 'trial by fire' in his own practice. Adding all the tools and benefits he needed, and cutting away what he did not. Who better to build a soap note software package for chiropractors than a DC in his own office? The capabilities of this chiropractic notes software system are many, so let's list a few.

Speed, is important, the computer system must print up a patient's note fast, without sacrificing detail. Quick SOAP Notes will print up a current patients note in 15 seconds. Dr. Bohn has a video demo on his site proving this. For those who want a paperless practice, the program will auto store all notes and these can be pulled up to review at anytime from any screen.

Touch Screen technology is another wonderful addition. This almost completely eliminates the mouse, which honestly really slows down the user on any system. Just touch the screen with your index finger and you are done in seconds. The touch screen also cuts down on the learning curve.

Reports you need are created with the same speed as your notes are. This swiftness also gives you more time to spend with each patient talking to them about their pain, and less time at the computer.

In-depth and detailed diagrams that show the different parts of the body, and the specific therapy used on those parts. All this as you know helps in the education of the patient and your efficiency at your note taking duties.

Now, it also works on the iPad. This can remove your need to have an entire system in each treatment room and you may wish to just carry this into the room you are visiting. Primary care physicians use laptops when visiting each patient and now chiropractors can have this technology at their fingertips as well. The addition of an iPad also makes the single user system function like a small network.


Dr. Bohn's Chiropractic Software has been tested and proven in his own office and frankly all chiropractors should have this. To find out more information about this software and order your own copy visit

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