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Rancho Palos Verdes, California (PressExposure) November 06, 2011 -- With the evolution of science human have always tried to prove hypothesis using certain arguments and measurement of predictions. Although the reach of the modern science has encompassed quite a depth of perception, still there is some limit to science which has not yet been reached in science. The concept of infinity is still a concept to explain. The Black hole theory is still beyond the control of science. The expansion of universe is still to be explained. Every science in existent today is a theory of relativity. We measure some concept in relevance to some other constant factor. Without determining a constant, the science cannot move or can measure any factor. There has to be a point zero, from where one would start.

Concept of paranormal is a phenomenon yet to be explained in whole by science. But with the prevalence of existence of this phenomenon has tweaked many scientists and researchers to prove this concept through science. Many research and studies have been conducted to draw a hypothesis to the concept of science and the paranormal. Some have attained results and some are still continuing research to find more relevant solutions to these. One thing is very clear from these is that science moves through matters and antimatters, and this is the base of research for paranormal theory. Many scientific studies have been conducted to measure the existence of paranormal and to draw a scientific conclusion to it.

MK Ettington, the Engineer, who has researched deep into paranormal evidence and occult science in his life, is a living example who have experienced paranormal in his own life. He has been witness to many paranormal evidences and his scientific mind became curious to reach to the bottom line of such activities. He has conducted many researches to measure paranormal and its existence on earth. He has been disciple of many spiritual beliefs and occult organizations. He has discussed with several people experiencing the same sort of paranormal experiences in their life. With his profuse finding and research work he has endeavored to put all his findings through his book "Using Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal", which offers a true guide to measure paranormal phenomena with scientific evidences and accountability. He has discovered a relation between science and the paranormal with this book. He has discussed how science evolved around paranormal, how it faced many hurdles to discuss paranormal, where science met its limitations and a more flexible paradigm to study the phenomenon of paranormal activity in a more analytical way. This book truly encompasses all evidences of paranormal activities through an analytical eye of science.

"I have spent almost 40 years of my life in studying paranormal through different concepts of spirituality and occult practices. I have experienced paranormal in my own life. I have talked to persons who have experienced similar encounters with paranormal. As an Engineer, my analytical mind pushed me to discover the science behind such paranormal occurrences and concepts. I have discovered the limit of science to explain paranormal and I discovered a flexible paradigm to express paranormal evidence through an analytical expression. My book contains some of these concepts which will pursue you to think out of the box with paranormal occurrences with analytics." - enunciates MK Ettington, the researcher and author of this book.

This book can be an eye opener to this mysterious phenomenon of paranormal existence on this earth. You will find an all different approach to study paranormal and get a fresh outlook to measure the existence of paranormal with your existence. Hurry up to order your copy of "Using Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal" at the web presence at [], now!

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