MLM, Use Travel Incentives To Turn Your Leads Into Sign Ups

Ringmer, United Kingdom (PressExposure) April 27, 2009 -- One of the hardest things is getting your leads to sign up and become part of your team. There is a way that you can have the edge on your competition by simply giving away something that people want. Not only does it show to your leads that you have a great business mind it also shows that your business programme is lucrative enough to be able to afford to do this kind of prommotion. Why do people get into residual income programmes in the first place, fact "they want more time to them selves or there family better lifstyle e.t.c" so give them what they want "a holiday".

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to really send your competition out the window by offering leads, travel vouchers to sign up to your MLM programme for 6 or even 12 months. These are real holidays real destinations no messing about. Feel free to have a look at the destinations and the terms and conditions of this great progamme at []. What about all those leads that said yes at first, then said no? What are they going to say when you turn around now and offer a 4 night stay in Hawaii to have another look at your business or a two night stay in one of 30 destinations to sign up. Imagine the power of this incentive when people are signing up to somthing they wre already interested in anyway.

I have been using this incentive to get people to go to my webinars and it really does work and the great thing about it is people that really thought they where just doing it because of the travel voucher ended up signing to my programme anyway. I am not involved in Multi level marketing myself, My company is a direct level marketing company with a two tier compansation plan and a residual income of $50 per member every month. I am a strong believer in some of the MLM products that are out there an do believe that we can help each other succeed in the internet marketing business. I hope what I have shared with you today really helps your business.

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