MLM in a Different light

, (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- In this press release I want to clear the mist from peoples eyes of "easy money" and how, YOU, the distributor are the ones making the big boys the money and none or very little for yourselves. In fact, is this driving mechanism of MLM moraly correct where it is the explotation of the distributor at the bottom that is the profitability of the company.

The structure of MLM in itself is what courses the market to become saturated thus the small distributor to become exploited to fund the profits of MLM to the executives. In certian cases it is these executives that have been charged with selling the fraud of impossible success to others. Some larger companies however have an army of solicitors to keep the prosecutors at bay and even have funds kept in reserve to fund this purpose. So the question is, are the profits from MLM created from a great product and a proactive sales team or are they made from a sophisticated scam?

It is this very same market saturation that is built into the business model to purposley build vast profits to people at the top, that courses the programme to fail. Even if it has the best products in the world it is still destined to fail the distributor scheme. Simply; supply is over the demand and nobody at the top is going to monitor or do anything about it when they are making money off the shoulders of others. When looking at an MLM you should ask yourself these questions:- If this product is so great why is it not being sold in the shops? why does it need to resort to a scheme like MLM? Why do they want inexperianced people to market it? Is the product itself just a cover for a more elaberate pryamid scheme.

Although there are plenty of MlM programme out there there are also plenty of articles and books against. if you want to do more investigating on this subject in depth then check out some of the links below:-

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