MMG Continues To Achieve Unprecedented Growth Despite a Falling Economy

New York, NY (PressExposure) January 26, 2009 -- NYMMG (Model Management Group, MMG), a New York-based modeling and talent management agency, continues to surprise its competition but not its owner. The first sign came two years ago when Gap put its newest catalog casting on hold until it could arrange to hold a private casting for MMG talented kid’s division. “At first we were shocked” said Jeff Cohen, President of MMG but then we realized that our progressive methods of finding new young faces were exactly what the clients wanted and then demanded. Today is normal to see a call sheet for Gap with the selections being made from Ford, Wilhelmina and MMG? When it comes to kids MMG now ranks among the top #3 and got there in less than 6 years.

The history of MMG is a story that has never been really told, but once you understand its owner’s formerly untold background it quickly begins to make sense, MMG’s owner, Jeff Cohen has a background far different than any current or former owner of a modeling and talent management company. Cohen didn’t just appear out of nowhere, he has an astonishing record of success in the Recording industry, Television Commercial Production, Radio and Television Programming, Film and Casting. He has hired Directors, Writers, and Casting Directors and produced content played throughout the world. His achievements in the Television production industry have placed him among some of the most famous industry visionaries because they were who mentored him. As a founding member of the innovators that revolutionized the TV, Commercial, and Film Industry’s his approach and setup of MMG is also revolutionary and unique, and so far it seems to be the model for others to emulate.

During his career Cohen was a major player for top Entertainment Consulting Firms, Production Companies, Post Production Companies and surprisingly enough an entire cadre of Law Enforcement Organizations. He often laughs when anonymous websites post negative articles about MMG because if they ever knew who they were dealing with they would realize how misinformed and ridiculous their comments would sound once they knew his high level government clearance for honesty and integrity. Over the years Cohen’s role in fighting Organized Crime, working with the FBI, the NSA, SEC and Organized Crime Strike Forces is well documented. Most of his competitors don’t even realize he is a Former Deputy Director of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and has over 1,500 State inspectors working under his guidance and was the key liaison to the Attorney General on matters of Organized Crime They also doesn’t know the key role he played in the Federal takeover of corrupt unions. However, those experiences and subsequent experience with one of the world’s best Strategic Consulting Firms couples with twenty years of production experience has made him and MMG become a significant force in the Model, Talent and Artist management industry in record time.

MMG new approach to representation designed to service its clients’ needs but also the needs of its Artists has allowed it to become one of the newest darlings of the entertainment industry. MMG’s continues to grab increased market share as its competitors in most casings are going out of business. Under Cohen’s leadership, MMG’s approached the industry with fresh eyes and ideas and built the company the clients wanted and because of its size MMG continuously can adapt quickly to economic needs and technically advancements. Its competitors like to point out past mistakes, which are basically their only weapon, but no startup or growing company is going to be perfect from day one. So where did this vision and owner come from to accomplish being ranked as one of the best management companies in the world, holding a current ranking in the top ½ of 1% in the world by IMDB. It comes from not focusing on not only today’s needs but also tomorrows and it comes from taking risks and chances and knowing you have to out work your competitors. At MMG egos are checked at the door. And clients, models, actors, artists and celebrities are treated as partners. MMG doesn’t spend time refuting irresponsible unjustified attacks on its reputation instead they focus their energy to work hard for their clients. For the most part MMG does not front money to its clients, they want their clients to be invested and dedicated, while this has drawn criticism it also has produced undeniable positive results which most companies have now followed.

So when negative posts or unfounded comments appear, Cohen just thinks back to when the CIA tried to recruit him, or to when he underwent an intensive State Police background Investigation that proclaimed him of the highest integrity possible, or to his verifiable victories against organized crime and his work with the National Security Agency and other Federal Govenmenent Law Enforcement agencies. Then he looks at the record of production industry experience and his role in groundbreaking techniques that have made the Industry what it is today and just laughs. His studies at the Yale School of Organizational Management have taught him how to win and it is not by fighting with ghosts or invisible opponents instead it is by using his energy for the good of his clients. That is why MMG continues to grow while others are closing their door because they live in the past and utilized methods and systems that are no longer relevant.

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Headquartered in New York City, Model Management Group (NYMMG) prides itself on developing unique, one-on-one relationships with its clients, while keeping their best interests in mind. Ranked in the top ½ of 1 percent of all television and film management companies in the world by IMDB, Model Management Group is a growing firm that represents clients who constitute a “triple threat” – the ability to obtain work in the fashion, television and film industries. All clients have access to the guidance and direction of talent managers, marketing materials and a dedicated booking staff. For more information, visit or or call 212-253-8353.

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