Made In China Is Made With the World

Nanjing, China (PressExposure) December 04, 2009 -- A morning exerciser is bending over to tie his shoe, on which is written “made in China with American sports technology”; A family is enjoying breakfast and the fridge next to them is marked as “made in China with European stylists”; A super French model is trying on a dress saying “made in China with French designers”; A businessman is looking out of the window of an airplane, with which is imprinted “made in China with engineers from the whole world”; A modern girl is walking in the street with a four leaf clover hanging over her neck, on which was engraved “made in China with Korean artists”...

This is a 30-sencond commercial advertisement put into CNN by China ministry of commerce associated with four chambers of commerce in China. It is advertised to tell the world that the phrase “made-in-China” is not another name of “bargain” and to impress people that “made in China” is “made with the world”. Just as what the advertisement says in the end, “When it says made in China, it really means made with the world”, we know that made-in-China products involve cooperation between different firms.

Trade protectionism is gaining ground, resulting in financial crises at present. As a big exporter of goods, China is facing a bigger trade barrier than ever before. “Made-in-China” is frequently used as an excuse for trade protectionism by some countries. The debut of this advertisement is just at the time to highlight that made-in-China products are of multi-participation from the world and benefit all parties involved. The advertisement jingles deliver us a message that made-in-China, in fact, is a platform to compromise the merits of countries from the whole world. In the age of globalization, as a matter of fact, cooperation and combination of economic entities are becoming increasingly closer. In point of one product, it is a fusion of multi-participation in all procedures from original ideas, designing, manufacturing, brand establishment to marketing, by entities from the world. To promote the national meaning behind made-in-China has well demonstrated the goal of cooperation and mutual-benefits.

Meanwhile, the ad is to show Chinese government administrators’ theory and practice to establish a national brand, which is commonly comprehended by USA, Japan and some developed European countries. As we all know, Japanese strives for perfection, Americans praise for creation, French pursuit for fashion and Germen keen on accuracy. These countries have exactly established their own national brand images in right way, and highlight their specific images by mass media and modern marketing methods. Hence gains values of the brands.

View from this aspect, it is of great strategic importance for national competitive forces of made-in-China products even Chinese enterprises to make an overall marketing plan for “made-in-China” and a long-term national branding strategy aiming to achieve cooperation and mutual benefit. The ad on CNN is a big step to fulfill the target. It has been made its debut by CNN Asia and will soon be displayed to audiences in North America and Europe. Don’t forget to chew upon it.

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