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Brisbaine, Qld Australia (PressExposure) August 01, 2010 -- What is MagniSmart?

MAGNISMART is a resourceful and stimulating activity for children and produces phenomenal results in enhancing the fundamental skills of reading, writing, spelling and mathematics. It is both fun and easy to use for teachers and students.

How can MagniSmart Help?

MAGNISMART uses a multi-sensory and logical approach with systematic exercises which are introduced in stages.

Academic skills such as reading and writing require a myriad of foundation skills which begin to structure themselves from birth. The Magnismart Activities and Games attempt to exercise the perceptual skills necessary for Literacy and Math. These neurological pathways, unfortunately only establish themselves if they are exercised or stimulated. It is essential that the foundational skills are established before the formal instruction of reading and writing to prevent learning difficulties.

The magnets used on the three tiered work board are appealing to young children and the skills are taught through exercises, which are perceived to be games, children are therefore learning through play.

The software programme "Perceptual Trainer" is very popular amongst students and is based on the same concept, the graphics and the three tiered grid are the same, but eliminates the kinesthetic or tactile aspect of using the magnets on the grid. Special Offer Available Now The best results are using an interactive approach between the two systems.

Coloured arrows are introduced before the abstract form of graphics (letters) to set the foundation and expectations upon which all other skills are built.

Unique to the MAGNISMART programme, is the work board with the three tiered grid. The vocabulary associated in using the spacing and positioning on this grid orientates and facilitates the pupil in conceptualizing the sizing, position and placing of letters, numbers and later words.

The trial sample produced excellent results. It has therefore been decided to copyright this grid system to ensure protection.

When should the Magnismart Programme be introduced?

Ideally the program should begin at the pre-school level where the fundamental or pre-reading/writing/arithmetic skills are introduced. The software programme may be used at any stage as it is designed to enhance and stimulate memory and vital perceptual skills.

It is accepted that pupils who are slow to make progress in reading and spelling and later develop learning problems can be attributed to the fact that they were 'not ready' when formal instruction of reading and later spelling were first introduced.

MAGNISMART may also be used as a part of a support programme for students who encounter difficulties in learning to read, to spell or are slow to grasp number concepts. There is a manual available for parents to encourage parental involvement in their children's education.

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What Skills are addressed by Magnismart?

Of the many skills covered by the MAGNISMART exercises/games, the skills mentioned below are vital in the acquisition of reading, writing and mathematics as discussed in the previous chapters.

The skills include:
Auditory Memory
Auditory Sequential Memory
Auditory Discrimination
Listening Skills
Visual Memory
Visual Sequential Memory
Visual Discrimination
Position in Space
Spatial Orientation
Form Perception
Following Instructions
Working Memory
Logical Thinking
Concept of Number

The above skills are introduced in an uncomplicated concrete method and then, as the children become familiar with the expectations and vocabulary they progress to the abstract form of eventually using graphic symbols and numbers.

In this way the foundation skills are introduced and established in simple, fun and 'hands on' activities on which reading, writing and mathematics are build.

MagniSmart is a new unique concept using a multi-sensory approach.

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The Author

Ingrid Renton has a Bachelor in Education (specializing in Primary Years) and a post graduate in Learning Support/Special Needs Education FDE (with distinction). She has 20 years teaching experience of which 8 years were dedicated to Learning Support and researching Literacy and Math Programmes. She is the Author of the book, "Now I can speak English " written for Second Language Children arriving at English Medium Schools

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MagniSmart is a division of Antla Int. ABN no.22 593 890 687 BN no. BN21245551 .Trade marks are under registration. application: The product has full copyrights any legal action will be taken against infringements.

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