Mainstream Businesses Turning to Crowdsourcing to Control Costs, Notes Squadhelp

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) August 21, 2011 -- The deteriorating economic landscape is forcing traditional businesses to rethink their approach to their business model; in particular, many are exploring what changes they can make to their procurement process in order to reduce cost while at the same time improve their time to market. The profit equation is rather simple on the surface; to maximize, an organization must decrease cost or increase revenue. Ideally, organizations should pursue both; however, that may be a practical impossibility in today's environment. Thus, to increase profits, or to maintain profit levels in the face of dwindling revenues, organizations have been embarking on efficiency initiatives. These initiatives in action are being manifested in the increasing numbers of businesses procuring services through crowdsourcing outfits like Squadhelp.

Crowdsourcing, or expertsourcing as some around Squadhelp like to call it, has been a boon to businesses because of the flexibility it offers. Businesses in need of services need only launch a contest in Squadhelp, receive competing bids and proposals, and they simply pick a winner and presto, they have a service or a product that they need. Consider the implications: businesses are able to evaluate competing ideas for products and services, and they need only pay for the absolute cream of the crop. It is no secret that competition brings out the best in everybody, particularly when there is a monetary incentive awaiting at the other end. Consequently, businesses who sponsor contest at Squadhelp are the recipients of the best efforts of the expert service providers at Squadhelp.

Businesses who need immediate assistance can bypass the temporal nature of contests and head on down to a couple of Squadhelp marketplaces that launched earlier this year. Transactions in marketplaces are immediate, and the selection has been ripe with exemplary work produced by mainstay Squadhelp service providers who have been providing the brainpower behind both marketplaces. Developing a catchy, brandable domain name requires quite a bit of thought and a flair for the dramatic, traits that are in plenty supply at Squadhelp. Businesses are finding domain names that pop and resonate with their target market, and they can thank the Squadhelp domain marketplace service providers for that.

A recent success story involves a startup that came to Squadhelp to seek assistance in securing a catchy, brandable name for their consumer electronics online businesses. After running a contest on Squadhelp, the startup secured the name The company combined huge piles of structured data with an intuitive interface to help its users find the electronics widget with exactly the features they are looking for. is an example a successful endeavor whose domain name needs were satisfied through a Squadhelp contest. The startup was so valuable that Google went ahead and acquired it just recently.

"We are finding that in these uncertain economic times, businesses are venturing away from their comfort zone, willing to try novel ideas in an effort to stay relevant and competitive in their respective markets. One of the things they are seriously examining is their procurement process, and to that end, they have been exploring all practical avenues from which to source products and services, and increasingly they are turning to crowdsourcing organizations like Squadhelp," explains Rachel Shaw of

Helping small businesses accomplish their marketing and branding activities by crowd sourcing to an army of experts at a fraction of cost of hiring an agency.

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Helping small businesses accomplish their marketing and branding activities by crowd sourcing to an army of experts at a fraction of cost of hiring an agency.

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