Maintenance Tips for High Pressure Water Jetters

New York, New York (PressExposure) July 15, 2009 -- Do you want to keep your high pressure water jetters in working condition? Do you want it to last longer? Do you want to make sure that using your high pressure water jetters are always safe and trouble free? I am sure that you will answer yes to all these questions. As a technician you must be aware how you should maintain your machines because all your jobs’ success are dependent to your equipment. you must regularly do the following actions in order to keep your high pressure water jetters in good working condition.

You must make sure to lubricate all points of friction. Friction is the main cause of wear and tear in most machines. Lubrication lessens this friction that allows you to make use of your machine longer. Lubrication also lessens the chance that your high pressure water jetters’ moving parts will get stuck and heat up. You must also always check your machine’s tire profile and pressure. You have to make sure that it is always in the range acceptable by machine. high pressure water jetters have different parts and pieces so you must always check all the fittings and valves. The fittings must be properly and securely connected to the respective parts. The valves must be properly positioned as instructed in the operating manual. Always check your machine for parts that are damaged and about to be damaged. Check each part properly and you must change parts in question when you see something wrong. Check ground fault circuit interrupter frequently. The GCFI is your greatest security against shock hazard.

Before turning on your high pressure water jetters, pay attention to wear on hoses. If you detect excessive wear and tear, change the hose you are using immediately as this may become dangerous during the course of your activity. Your hoses will be the ones that will hold the flow of the water and because of this, it is important that you ensure its durability and quality. When you are sure that your hose can be used, run the hose down with water so that any substance that may disrupt the flow of water will be expelled from the hose. Inspect all electrical connection and switches in your machine. Make sure that all your connections are properly connected to the parts they must be connected to and if they are properly connected, it is important that you check if they are connected securely.

After every job, properly turn off your high pressure water jetters and store it where it will not cause harm. Position your machine in a safe place where it is out of reach of destructive elements such as sparks, extreme temperatures, dust and fire. When cleaning your machine it is advised not to use any abrasive substances and materials that may damage your machine.

Do not hesitate to ask manufacturers for assistance for your high pressure water jetters when you no longer know what to do. Safety should be the primary objective when using these kinds of equipment because they are dangerous to people and property. Every precaution must be taken in order to decrease the chances of accidents happening.

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