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Telford, PA (PressExposure) July 10, 2009 -- Poster printing has more uses than you might imagine. They do not have to be just a promotional or advertising tool. You can print posters for a multitude of other uses than that.

If you do not believe me then read on. I will show you how to make your poster printing designs more useful.

• Use them as poster calendars - First, besides being just advertising platforms, color posters can become poster calendars as well. You can create a poster design where you can integrate a calendar into it.

It does not have to be a big calendar, and it can just compliment the poster design. If you plan to give away your posters for promotions this is a good move since people receiving, the posters should be able to use it as their own poster and calendar at the same time. They will keep that for a whole year, while you gain a year's worth of advertising from the design.

• Create them as decorations - Your posters can also act as a decoration. You can design a poster, which can be used as a good decoration in a room. For example, you can design a series of advertising posters with imitation images of famous oil paintings. People can collect your posters so that they can use the posters as decorations and in turn, they will hang part of your marketing message in their house. In fact, that little poster may even last longer than the calendar posters above, especially if the design is pretty good.

• Make them inspirational - Another good alternative style content for your advertising posters is to create inspirational ones. Inspirational posters are good to place in your office desk, workshop or workstation. When people face desperate odds in their lives, they can look on to these inspirational color posters to gain some degree of strength and will. It should really help people deal with their problems and will make your color posters quite useful and welcome. If you can sneak in a marketing message along with the inspirational message, then this would be better as well.

• Use interactive posters - Finally, to make things interesting you can print interactive posters. By placing a puzzle or riddle in your poster design, you can entertain your readers by having them do the puzzles as they look at the poster. You can hide a nice promotional message in the puzzle so that eventually your readers will realize what the interactive poster is all about. This is a nice way to attract attention with your posters, and easily share your marketing message with your readers as well.

Great! As you undoubtedly have realized by now, posters can easily be tasked with other functions that make them very useful for people. You can exploit this advantage by adding an advertising image along with tasking them like this. This can increase your success in poster marketing so it is really a worthy strategy to do.

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