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Brooklyn, NY (PressExposure) October 09, 2009 -- The days are ticking down until the Christmas holiday season. It seems that every year it comes along a little more quickly than you expected. This year many people are a little concerned about how they are going to do the holiday shopping they are used to.

Unfortunately the economy has not been kind to a number of people this year. More and more jobs have been lost. Those who do have jobs are often getting paid less than they were a year ago or at least didn't get a raise this year like they are accustomed to. With the cost of living rising, wages dropping and other economic woes hitting many people, one of the thoughts that many are having is how they will be able to afford presents like those beautiful jewelry pieces they usually purchase.

There are often two answers to this question. The first is to go into debt trying to do things like you always have, and the other is to cut back on spending. The first is not a responsible answer, so how do you still have what feels like a full value holiday without spending a fortune?

When it comes to jewelry it's time to look for 'inspired' pieces. Perhaps you have seen labels that say 'tiffany inspired jewelry', 'tiffany inspired pendants', or 'tiffany inspired necklace', but you didn't know what they mean. Well these may be the answer you are looking for to be able to purchase the types of gifts you like to have waiting for that special someone around the holidays without spending a fortune.

Tiffany inspired jewelry is a style of jewelry that is literally meant to look just like those high-priced tiffany pieces that every woman covets. From tiffany inspired pendants or a nice tiffany style necklace, these pieces are literally inspired by those beautiful pieces made by Tiffany & Co.. the problem with the real Tiffany & Co. pieces is that they are exceptionally pricey. Small pieces are in the hundreds of dollars, moderate pieces in the thousands and it would not be hard to spends tens of thousands while there.

While Tiffany inspired jewelry looks like these pieces that come from the up-scale store, they do not come with the price tag of those higher end pieces. Instead, beautiful tiffany inspired pendants can be purchased for pennies on the dollar of what the real pieces would cost. And a nice tiffany style necklace that could cost over $10K if it were the real thing could be less than $100 in the inspired line.

So, before you get too heartbroken worrying about how you are going to buy those great holiday gifts you are used to getting every year, you just need to open your eyes to a new way to shop. Looking for tiffany inspired jewelry such as tiffany inspired pendants and tiffany style necklaces is a great way to be able to enjoy the holiday season you are used to without adding to your economic worries.

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