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1552 Goldcliff Circle Washington, DC (PressExposure) April 17, 2009 -- Recently, there have been a lot of websites that are fully built on Flash applications. If these kinds of websites are done properly then it can be a very effective tool for their product to reach out to their audience but when done wrong then you’re just spending your money in all the wrong ways and this is what concerns me. As you can see the internet is very powerful, it can make or break a product with its massive reach and countless users so that’s why if you’re going to do business on this platform then its better if you start out right and end up on top. Full Flash websites are a beauty to look at but it can also be hell to make known, unless you have someone whose very influential to expose your website its quite hard to get the search engines to show your site on top of the search lists unless you really know what you’re doing.

Flash websites work beyond the capabilities of the search engine spiders because the link built in to the site are within the application itself and not in the code so this goes against how the search engines find you and this turns your would be best friend into one of your worst nightmares. Imagines spending thousands of dollars on a fully animated flash website only to find that they can’t be seen by the people you want to look at it. According to a professional seo company, Crest Media Inc., this isn’t really that much of a problem unless you don’t know what you’re doing. But still most SEO experts out there go against the trend of making the whole website based on Flash, its fine if you do a little but making the whole thing into Flash is a very big no-no to them. Most SEO professionals would still advice you to use a simpler website, pages that are easier to read, faster to load and easier to deep link rather than going full Flash.

Everything you should do when it comes to the internet is to make sure that your website would be clients would have an easier time finding you rather than concerning yourself with how cool are your animations are. A practical reminder that this professional seo company told me is that a person doesn’t go a website because they want to gratify your website, it’s because they need information that you have. If you build your campaign around that then your chances of striking if big just got higher.

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Louie Ang is a search engine marketing specialist in Washington, DC. His work has proven to be very professional and shows excellence in his field.

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