Male Enhancement Product Enhances Musical Ability

San Francisco, California (PressExposure) January 16, 2012 -- Professors Ian Watson and Zibig Neumann of the Institute for Advanced Research Trends(IFART) conducted a three month clinical study with twenty Men. All were prescibed the same diet and exercise regime. Ten were given Instant performer. The control group, a placebo.

At the end of the trials, there was no enhanced or apparent musical ability in the placebo group. However, of the ten who were prescibed Instant Performer - six displayed a marked increase in musicality; while two, who by their own admissions "did'nt have a musical bone in their bodies", were able to effortlessly play simple tunes on the piano.

Professor Watson:" While it's too early to reach any definite conclusions, the test results are remarkable, to say the least."

Professor Neumann: "Clearly, the results speak for themselves, but until we investigate further - we have no idea of the process that is producing those results."

Professor Watson: "Or why the two previously non-musical subjects actually gained an authentic and demonstrable musical ability."

Professor Neumann: "The same is true for the six whose previous musical ability was enhanced. Why? Short answer - We don't know. But we suspect that an interaction of the ingredients, particularly the Chinese herbs, could be the principal motivator of the process."

The idea for researching the properties of Instant Performer began at the home of a colleague of the two Professors - Dr.Zoltan,an avid music lover,but not a musician.After dinner,the good Doctor astounded his guests by performing a relatively complex piano etude.

Naturally Professors Watson and Neumann were wondering: "How?" After several questions it became apparent that the only difference in Dr. Zoltan's routine/diet was three months of using Instant Performer.

Professor Watson: " I'm only postulating, of course, but if our continued research can isolate the causitive ingredient in this process - it could open the doors to an unimaginable richness of musical expression. For virtually everyone."

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