Manchester's Last Chance

Bradenton, Florida (PressExposure) December 28, 2009 -- The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible." (Arthur C. Clarke) In Manchester's case, the limits of the possible are not good enough. We invite you into the "impossible", a blend of classical aspiration and modern science that may restore Manchester's soundness.

Manchester's re-education is a unique experience. The horse is not a case of abuse, neglect, or poor training that could be fixed by improving on methods previously used. Rather, Manchester case is one of these idiopathic lameness that are beyond the scope of conventional and alternative therapies.

Helping us you will enter a world that will further your own experience, riding skill and training philosophy. The science of motion can achieve recoveries beyond the scope of conventional thinking because the science of motion focuses on the source of all body's movement, the horse's vertebral column and reeducate the vertebral column through the horse's movements.

Manchester was bred, born, and raised at a very successful breeding farm, which is owned by Ludwin and Alain Verdier. Blauenstein Farm has produced many international level horses. Manchester's Sire is the stallion Macho which was imported to Canada in 1998, and successfully ridden by Ashley Holtzer. Manchester's half -brother is the famous Canadian breeding stallion Royal Senna.

Manchester has won Alain's heart. He was his favorite horse and the decision to donate him to the Science of Motion is motivated by the pure desire to give him a chance to succeed, where all else has failed.

If the problem were simple, it would already have been fixed. Breeding farms of this caliber are optimally equipped and work with superior veterinarians and other aids. If Manchester's re-education proves to be a success, it is because we do not hesitate to explore pertinent applications of advanced scientific discoveries.

By helping us to help Manchester, you are placing yourself on the cutting edge. Whether or not we fully or partially succeed, you will gain the knowledge of the scientific studies supporting our working hypothesis. You will discover how the practical application of advanced scientific knowledge fundamentally transforms riding and training principles.

Conventional approaches to riding and training do not act on the biomechanical properties of the horse's vertebral column that are influencing the kinematics of the hind and front legs, and so, have failed to rehabilitate. Driving the horse onto a low, deep and round neck are precisely the principles of riding and training that have lead the horse into his physical predicament.

Helping us to help Manchester, you will observe how the rider lets the horse think and guides the horse's mental processing toward an awareness in order to gradually master the biomechanical properties of his vertebral column.

His endeavor is costly, however. The transport from Canada to Florida in a large box, cost $2,650.00. In our estimation, the cost of the horse's maintenance, care, daily training, documentation, data processing, video recording and computer works is approximately $2000.00 per month. We imagine that Manchester's soundness might be restored within a six- month period.

For once reality TV is about reality. We are going to document the whole recovery in real time. Starting with the initial veterinary diagnosis, you will witness our own analysis, our working hypothesis and the many adjustments that we will be necessary all along. If we succeed, the horse will regain soundness and everyone supporting the adventure will gain enormous knowledge and experience. However, the whole experience is costly. Help us into this fascinating challenge.

In return, you will witness through monthly/weekly podcasts the whole reeducation process as if you were with us in Florida. Jean Luc Cornille

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