Manitoba 2009 Eletrical Code Update

Winnipeg, Canada (PressExposure) October 10, 2009 -- Fall or spring time. It always seems that there is never a dull moment for either the commercial contractor or the do-it yourselfer off for home upgrade or repair supplies for their Winnipeg home or Manitoba beach lake cottage. A new Province of Manitoba electrical “code” has been recently been released – changes in which are mandatory to builders , contractors and those simply doing property upgrades in the jurisdiction of the Province of Manitoba Canada. The “Code” specifies requirements for the safe installation and maintenance of electrical equipment within Manitoba in order to prevent both fire and shock hazards.

Several new measures added to this year, during the 2009 / 2010 season will enhance electrical safety and help prevent children from electrical shocks. For example, new dwellings are required to include tamper resistant (TR) outlets and receptacles that will help overall in reducing those injuries that children seem to receive as a result of placing and inserting both their fingers and various conductive elements into unguarded electrical outlets without these safety TR outlet guards. Thus with the new tamper resistant fittings a single slot will not conduct electrical current to itself – unlike the older , standard traditional outlets. With TR tamper “resistant” receptacles only two and three prong plugs will activate electrical current.

Secondly updates to the Manitoba Electrical Code as well include specifications on the wiring required for hard wired carbon monoxide) CO) alarms as well. Overall in summary it can be summarized that the wiring for Carbon Monoxide CO alerting alarms must be essentially similar in nature, layout and installation to that of hard wired smoke alarms in homes, business, commercial buildings etc. This is being done to best ensure reliability as well as safety.

The Manitoba Electrical Code is updated and changed on a regular and ongoing basis to adapt both to the general Canadian building and electrical standards and standardization codes as well as keep up to date and current on changes in technology , electrical products on the marketplace and safety requirements and standards.

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