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Eastport, NY (PressExposure) August 24, 2009 -- In the clean, pollution-free countryside of New Zealand, a plant known to the natives as the Manuka tea tree grows wild. A very special flower grows on this plant that contains nectar that is rich in medicinal components not found anywhere else in the world. When bees use this nectar to produce honey, a very unique byproduct is formed.

Some people look at honey as merely a food item. However, honey was used as a medicine for thousands of years, prior to the advent of modern day medicine. It has now been discovered that Manuka Honey from New Zealand contains healing properties not found in any other type of honey. In fact, its medicinal value often outperforms most traditional forms of medicine, without the risk of negative side effects. Researchers have found that Manuka Honey contains natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, making it capable of treating health conditions caused by a bacteria, virus or fungus.

Manuka Honey has been used for medical purposes in New Zealand for decades. It's curative properties are so impressive that word of its healing ability are now spreading rapidly around the world. When taken orally, Manuka Honey is effective in treating conditions such as stomach aches, stomach ulcers, sore throats, strep throat, gum disease, acid reflux disease, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, cold and flu symptoms, etc. When applied topically to the skin, Manuka Honey can also treat conditions such as infected wounds, burns, acne, ringworm, pressure sores, skin ulcers, eczema, MRSA Staph infections, etc.

People all over the world are discovering the amazing, natural healing powers of Manuka Honey. Even doctors are beginning to realize that this natural healing source heals efficiently and quickly, even when other solutions fail. Take advantage of nature's best kept secret.

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