Market Warfare Book Continues to Rack-Up Hot Worldwide Reader Reviews

Boston, MA (PressExposure) November 12, 2009 -- PMG Founder and author of the breakthrough book titled "Market Warfare: Leadership & Domination Over Competitors" is quite amazed how independent reader reviews continue to flood-in. Ed Hawkeye Hennessy indicated that "We continue to receive reader commentaries directly and through our Publisher -American Book Business Press - which filter from a well-rounded, Worldwide readership."

Several recent reader reviews were obtained from a cross-section of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The common message, which is a strong reinforcement is that readers are deriving real-world, value from the Market Warfare book and applying the breakthrough approaches and techniques to their core businesses to generate tangible and measurable results.

Hennessy indicated, "Given the nature of this tough Market Economy that firms are coping with, it is rewarding to see that the Market Warfare book is making a distinguishable difference. That corresponds to one of the key drivers for writing this book in the first place."

A quick review of several Reader commentaries include:

- Mike Shearer - an L.A.-based, Entrepreneur heading-up a Best Practices Marketing & Consulting firm indicated that the Market Warfare book is not another academic work that outlines models and theories, but a practical, Marketing Guidebook that is the real-deal. Mr. Shearer has already applied several of the techniques to his Clients' campaigns in the Financial Services Industry to double-to-triple prospect traffic and opportunity base results, as compared to using conventional methods.

- Jim Mazzola - President of Embedded Reps of America has indicated that the Market Warfare book has taught an old dog some new tricks. Given that Mr. Mazzola has been in the Technology Industry for 25 plus years, he thought that he and his staff knew it all. He now indicates that after reading the Market Warfare book, his company is approaching their prospects distinctively, building his Partner Network with a different eye and launching new families of products with breakthrough techniques that are creating rich sources of business and catching the competition off-guard.

- Y. Hashimoto - heads-up SB Corporation in Japan and specializes in the Aviation Industry. Mr Hashimoto indicates that little Marketing Innovation has taken place in his selected, target market, however the Market Warfare book has provided an arsenal of innovative approaches and techniques that are already generating results. He is relieved that he obtained a copy of the Market Warfare book, before his local competition did.

- Only referenced, as the Ambassador - this UK-based, Business Owner indicated that the Market Warfare book is loaded with valuable approaches and techniques not found anywhere else. Given that their business is focused on the Automotive Services Industry and that this brutal economy has literally dried-up business, the Ambassador said that this book could not have showed-up at a better time. His company is applying the material to Dealer Support Programs, New Product Launches and gearing-up to target a new Market Segment with the help of the Market Warfare book.

- Raj Raheja - CEO of Heartwood has indicated that the Market Warfare book is helping his firm develop a new, target segment in the Defense & Military and Homeland Security Market. His team has developed an integrated, Market Program that is focusing on the TOP 50 Defense Contractors for direct business and building key relationships with selected Program Offices and Agencies to create "market pull." This is balanced with a major product launch, the development of a Partner Network and critical media coverage, all as a result of approaches/ techniques and the Game Plan outlined in the Market Warfare book.

Mr. Hennessy comments, "We continue to be impressed with the impact that the Market Warfare book is providing to the target readership. The fact that companies are taking this material and readily applying it to their businesses - and letting us know what they are realizing and achieving - takes this well beyond the scope of another Marketing book.

Something big is taking shape, here."

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