Marketing Magazines: You Are A Media Company Whether You Realize It Or Not

Naples, Campania (PressExposure) February 04, 2012 -- Marketing Magazines: You Are A Media Company Whether You Realize It Or Not.

The Editor; Elizabeth, Of marketing magazines online remarks: "like an online/offline hybrid custom magazine, it allows a company to separate the story from the product/service facts and promises. Ensuring the story stands out more. If we think like publishers and focus on the reader's needs,fears, doubts, sceptisim,questions, we have a much better opportunity to deliver quality relative information. Remember, our customers don't care about us, they care about themselves;the ''WIIFM''(What''s In It For Me) angle. Content creators need to always remember this when developing content".

More and more, as content marketing becomes mainstream for all kinds of businesses, the presentation skills are an important part of any marketing arsenal. Elizabeth, the editor of marketing magazines, says;"Whether you are participating in a live event, a webinar, a teleclass, or any other type of venue,or, content writing, blogging, forum posting, marketers need to develop strong presentation skills. Frequent shortcomings include not getting your customers and business partners involved in the content marketing process.Branding is not about your product/service/niche or whatever, your branding is you".

The sooner you start thinking like a publisher, & not like a marketer, the sooner you will be able to position yourself as an expert resource for your customers. are hard at work adjusting the concepts of hybrid mix marketing with a new service, it has been launched to highlight the benefits of hybrid brand marketing. The website,, shares information related to finding the right blends & balances of presentation: your brand = You"

For brand communications, consistency & relevancy towards your demographic research & great presentation skills will produce a maximum impact, reinforce your brand message with your presentation skills! A problem we too often see is what we would call "a scattered messaging syndrome" - the message is in pieces, no flow, and the company has not made a firm commitment to its core messages. Resulting in mixed messages & inconsistency. Unfortunately, all your hard work will not realize the maximum potential of impact.

If you are sending out information in print and nowhere else, you lose the power of the asset. The asset is delivering that print content online & offline where it can reach a number and group of people not possible before.You need a hybrid mix:The message is how you use words, images, and tone to best capture and convey your brand and your brands distinction. In other words, making clear who you are in the landscape of others, whether they be competitors or customers. Hybrid marketing:

Do you think that your readers don''t want to see info re-hashed?, Elizabeth says:"I think there can be a lot of value in presenting your content in a new way: Often, your readers don''t get a chance to read everything, so they appreciate it when you put it together in one place. And, you have new readers who may have missed your best stuff.

You can incorporate the feedback you have received from the initial content to make the new piece stronger (giving credit, of course).Readers like different formats, so you''ll attract more attention by presenting your information in different ways".

It's important also to remember that content marketing does not happen in a silo. Frequently, content marketing creation and distribution happens separately from the rest of the marketing process, more and more, we are seeing smart companies integrate their content marketing with their overall marketing strategies.That's powerful & effective marketing, it''s what we call "Working smarter, not harder".

Your Print Assets: Do you have your own custom magazine produced for you?

No?, then how are you leveraging your content to the fullest? If you have a lot of content scattered in blog posts, presentations, articles and such, consider repackaging it as a Custom made monthly magazine, we at provide this service for many businesses,large & small, with our online digital flip hosting, you can choose to offer your subscribers a paid or free subscription, a ''by-post''physical or didital pdf delivery, you can create ROI by selling your own ad space to others in your own custom made magazine, create additional ROI with your related affiliate &/or CPA offers.You may choose to Offer your FREE digital copy to your customers, put in your own Q & A''s/Discussion pages/your own featured article/discuss your product/service/niche intelligently with your clients...In Other Words Give Them What They Want!..Interaction!

TIP: leave a few of your printed magazines in a few waiting rooms, on a few trains, boats & planes!

This is a great custom made format for highlighting you, your brand, your customer quotes/queries, your relative industry trends, showcasing you as an expert, the "person to go to" & your niche/service/product/business. Everything-in-one : Your Own Magazine.

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