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Telford, PA (PressExposure) January 12, 2010 -- Who says you cannot market your products and yourself through business card printing. The truth of the matter actually is that you can do this quite well.

In fact, everybody can invest in a little business card printing of their own to further their marketing goals. You do not believe me? Well let us see how they really work for marketing. Let me tell you a few facts.

Three main elements can make such tools work for marketing. There is the "word of mouth element", the "impression" element and the "authority" element. Each element plays its part to get you some marketing advantage.

• The word of mouth element - You probably have heard of the phrase, but just in case, "word of mouth" refers to the spread of information through people and social networks (the real kind not the virtual kind) by means of talking or by reputation. Business cards give this marketing advantage. By spreading them to a few select people that have many connections and friends, you can spread information about yourself and your business through them via word of mouth.

If you become a good partner with those key people, the information will spread that you are a great person to do business with. In time, through simple talking and recommendations, you should get the word out through the social network that you are the person to be contacted to do business in your industry. It can be a subtle and long effect but it works.

• The impression element - Now on a more basic level, the power of cards in marketing is based on people's impressions when they see your card. This impression element acts on the memory of people. If you live a good and lasting impression through your cards, chances are good that people will remember you when the correct opportunity presents itself.

By achieving a good impression with a lot of people using your personal or professional cards, you can basically market your image and reputation through them. In time, you will reap the benefits of more business opportunities just because of your impressive business card.

• The authority element - The final element is the authority element. These marketing tools give you that aura of authority in your field. By displaying your name and your prominent position, you basically introduce yourself as a professional or an expert in your industry. If you create a color business card that is impressive enough, people will respect you as an authority and will always go to you when they need some of your expertise. Another subtle element gives you extra chances of business deals because of your marketing cards.

• How to market through business cards - So the question is this. Well, there are just three simple steps to that.

1. Design - First, you will need a design that is uniquely yours. It is important that you create an original design so that people will remember you distinctly from others. As a marketing card however, it is important to add extra information such as details about your products, services and special deals.

2. Print - Second, you will need to print it quite well. Since it is best to print high quality marketing cards, you will need to hire a professional printer. Look for some online business card printing services online if you can to mass-produce. It is best to have them made with that professional tough.

3. Distribute - Finally, you should do full-scale distribution every day. Anyone who does not have a card yet must have one. Whether it is a chance meeting with a stranger or a formal meeting with clients and potential investors, it never hurts to hand out your card.

Great! That should give you a head start. As you can see, it is quite possible and it can give you real advantages. So try using them now!

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