Mask Surf Pro - Highest Possible Anonymity without Complicated Configuration Tasks

Vancouver, Canada (PressExposure) July 23, 2009 -- ThankSoft company announces the release of Mask Surf Pro 2.3, the most advanced and efficient solution for anonymous web browsing. It uses Tor, an open anonymizing network, which employs the technique of Onion Routing and thus protects the privacy of the sender and the recipient of a message, also providing protection for message content. At present it is the best one among numerous anonymity systems. Mask Surf Pro lets you use its capabilities without carrying out complicated configuration tasks or reading thick manuals

Do you feel concern about your anonymity when surfing the Internet? Sometimes it is of great importance - for example, when you need to visit sites or use instant messaging services blocked by your local provider, when sharing information over public networks without compromising your privacy, or when taking part in socially sensitive communication (like chat rooms and web forums for abuse survivors or people with illnesses). If you do not want to be tracked back or do not want to reveal the location of the sites you visit, the convenient anonymizer Mask Surf Pro is what you really need.

What are Tor and Onion Routing?

Unlike most anonymizers, using lists of public proxies or their private servers, Mask Surf Pro is based on Tor, an open network, which provides the highest level of anonymity and communication security due to the technique of Onion Routing: messages are repeatedly encrypted and then sent through several network nodes ("onion routers"). Each onion router removes a layer of encryption to uncover routing instructions, and sends the message to the next router where this is repeated. As a result, the intermediary nodes do not know the origin, destination, and contents of the message.

Why choose Mask Surf Pro?

The Tor client, which redirects your information via encrypted channels of Tor anonymous servers, is quite difficult to configure and requires thorough study of manuals. Moreover, the existing graphical interfaces for Tor client are too complex for most users. That is why ThankSoft has developed Mask Surf: it lets you use the capabilities of Tor anonymity system without engaging in complicated configuration tasks or reading hefty manuals.

By the way, Mask Surf Pro features choosing IPs of a certain state, so you can visit your favorite websites, listen to online radio and use other web services while travelling abroad, even if they have territorial restrictions. As for the interface of the program, it is simple and clear. Surf the Internet and enjoy your anonymity!

Pricing and Availability

System requirements: Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher, data transfer rate 128 Kbit/s and higher.

Mask Surf Pro license costs $50. Further information on the product, as well as its free 15-day trial edition is available at

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