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Oceanside, California (PressExposure) June 05, 2009 -- Imagine that you're a spy on an airplane soaring above the Earth at 50,000 feet and you're able to see the overall geography of the land, but with special government technology that lets you zoom in and view something close-up. That's the benefit of Master Site Manager (or MSM)! This is a site where you can zoom out to see the big picture of what your sites (and your competitors) are doing or zero in on one specific area. For many of us, using multiple companies for our various Web services and SEO needs can be a big job. Now, I just go to one convenient place to see everything that's happening -

One way MSM makes it easy is through their ability to track all of my Web sites. My site traffic is reported back to me so I can see what the volume is, where people are clicking, how they are arriving to my sites, and gives me a chance to adjust my marketing strategies or SEO immediately. I can see which pages are getting the most hits and which are not getting seen. It really helped me increase my sales because I was able to reconfigure my advertising and alter my keywords to drive new sales to my more profitable items.

Another way that Master Site Manager makes domain management easy is through their ability to track all of my hosts from one easy-to-use dashboard. It doesn't matter if I have my blogs posted on 10 sites, some articles on 7 others, or that I own 5 different active domains; MSM has me covered! I simply log in and I can see where everything is located. My weekly report includes everything I need so I can see what each site is doing for me!

Speaking of reports, MSM offers some of the best reports in the business. I can see my regular weekly reports (which are always ready on time, by the way) or I can request reports on-demand. I can get them into a spreadsheet in a matter of minutes and then filter and sort everything as I see fit. "Easy" doesn't even begin to describe how simplified the process has become! I used to have to log in to each site and request the information and then put each of the results into a spreadsheet and repeat the process for each provider.

The added convenience of using Master Site Manager is that my articles, social media sites, and blog posts are tracked for me. Everything I have up on the Internet is included so I know the ranking status at any moment. These days, if you can keep up with SEO and stay one step ahead of the "other guy", you'll get to the top of the search engines and drive more traffic to your money making sites! MSM even keeps an eye on the competition, shows the IP addresses of the sites in my network, and automatically sends an email warning to me when one of my sites goes down. That last one is usually something that other companies charge for, but MSM offers email warnings as part of their regular services.

If you are ready to try something new, convenient, and easy for your SEO, domain, and Web site tracking then try out for only $1 for the next 21 days! I tried them out and decided I much prefer being able to zoom in and out on how my business and my competition are doing!

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