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New York, NY (PressExposure) April 17, 2011 -- Many people are enthusiastic about learning about a whole new language but most never actually put things into action. Why? There could be a number of causes. For one, many are terrified that learning a new language can be difficult. Many are still overcoming the trauma of having such a hard time learning about the basics of French of Spanish in High School. Many argue that they just do not have time and just surrender on the whole idea of trying a new tongue. Too bad though since learning about a new language can be easy and it can be very gratifying and fun too.

James Gandelle is a native English speaker and he has lately mastered speaking Italian. He relates some of his ideas on learning a whole new language. "It might be hard and it could be scary," said Gandelle. "I found that mastering Italian was a bit easy for me due to the fact that there were many in the community who already spoke it. Had it been any other language, I think it may have been more difficult." Gandelle was also at hand at the launch of the site -

There are a lot of causes why someone would plan to study a new language. For example, you might have to learn Arabic because you have just been offered a great job in an Arab country. You could also be moving to a whole new place with your family or you may wish to study a new language because your new boss speaks it. There are also lots of tools that you can use - Rocket Arabic, for example is one great product to help you out.

What would be the languages that are the fastest to study? This is a really subjective question and it will have an incredibly subjective answer. That is as it will be dependent on a number of things counting how close a first language is to the second one. For example, a person who speaks English in a native capacity could have trouble with Japanese and inversely, Japanese speakers could have trouble with English the most. This is definitely a matter of perspective and if you want to find an 'easy' to study language, you do have to consider several factors.

First of all, seek languages that have similar traits to your own. You can choose those with almost related phonetic systems so you won't really have to spend so much time just figuring out the way to say something right. Although, you really have to keep in mind that most of the time, doing just that is likely to make the process much more fun. Another thing you have to consider are the kinds of characters used in a certain language, specially since you will need to read something out loud and not just sound it out.

A new language is also likely to come with lessons in grammar. How a sentence is constructed in English may not be how it is made in another. The straightforward sentence 'I ate the cake' in English grammar might be spoken as 'Ate I the cake'. It may sound off as it is translated, but that is the way many wold languages are spoken.

How you study a language is going to be key too. To help you along, you may like to consider using a product like Rocket Arabic.

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