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Chester, United Kingdom (PressExposure) November 27, 2009 -- People sleeping with a partner on a double mattress [] could also be spending the night with 10million dust mites. Online retailer Mattress 24 have released advice on how to get rid of these interlopers!

The warm, humid environment created between a mattress [] and duvet is perfect for dust mites. Although dust mites sound bad, the real reason why they're a problem is worse – their faeces. The skin cells we shed during the night, almost six grams per night, sustains the mites, and their faeces cause allergic reactions in a growing number of people. Symptoms include a trouble with breathing, a runny nose and watery eyes. It can also cause eczema-style reactions in young children.

These reactions are hardly surprising, given that studies have shown almost 10% of a pillow's weight after two years can be from mites, their 'droppings' and our own skin. However, how can we reduce their impact?

1. Keep your bed un-made! The layer of air contained between a nicely-made and tidy bed is ideal for mites. Instead, try folding the quilt back on itself, leaving the mattress open to the air. Even better, ensure there's a nice breeze or airflow around the room.

2. Boil them or freeze them When you do your laundry, put your sheets and linen in a scorching temperature. This ensures the mites are killed and cannot breed further. Alteratively, try placing your bedding in a freezer for 24 hours. It's also best to wash linen regularly, at least every two weeks, and to use a vacuum on your mattress.

3. Add an extra layer Special mattress protectors can be purchased, which contain a layer on which dust mites cannot survive. This helps add a protective layer between yourself and the mattress, where mites are most likely to reside.

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