Max Agency Kicks Off a Successful 2008 School Year!

Toronto, Canada (PressExposure) October 09, 2008 -- Max Agency proudly announces a successful kick-off to the 2008 school year. Our roster has really jumped into fall and the booking department, we are as busy as ever,” exclaims Carolina Gonzaga, Senior Booking Agent.

Max Agency began sponsoring chosen talent to train under Juli-Ann Kay at Universal Academy of Acting Inc., in spring/summer 2008. “This is something we will definitely continue to do. We see it as an opportunity to invest in our aspiring roster and a window of opportunity for aspiring Max Agency actors to invest in them selves,” says Michelle Weswaldi, Senior Talent Agent. This strategic step has created new opportunities and conjured many positive changes for Max Agency. Juli-Ann Kay (see [] for more information) is one of Canada’s top casting directors and renowned for her work on many high profile projects. Student’s walk out of her workshops changed: with more confidence in themselves and with useful knowledge about the industry.

Six-year old Sarah L is just one success story. “Sarah L’s family has her best interest at heart and in discussing her progression, her father expressed full confidence in Sarah’s experience with Juli-Ann Kay’s workshops.” This September, Sarah experienced her first film, nailing a small role in Cell 213. With an extremely supportive family and Juli-Ann Kay’s mentorship, this is just the beginning for this young actress.

Things have really started pumping on the modeling end as well. “Being a model is all about being able to rise to any occasion, remain professional and use constructive criticism toward positive change,” says Miss Gonzaga. “I am really thankful to Maria Cheung, at The Bay Special Events, for providing numerous opportunities for our aspiring models to gain exposure and work-experience.” Max Agency boasts a diverse and hard-working roster of models characterized by commitment and flexibility.

The team at Max Agency is composed of individuals experience within the talent/entertainment industry; and is committed to promoting their roster the best of their ability. Just as Max Agency insists on the continued refinement and development of the talent represented, the team strives to continually improve the services offered to both clients and talent.


Kevin X for Kraft Ho T and Godfrey Chang for TD “Family” Michael B for BASF Roland A, Yohan K, Alicia D, Jillian L and Blair N for WSIB Chase R for Family Channel Jordan Ex for Cepacol Perry G for Business Magazine Editorial Sarah L, Yohan K, Norman G, Nima, Kayla D for Cell 213


2 Boys SOC, 15-ish, looking for van pushing boys

Max Agency Talent: Alec S, Brandon T, Cameron M, Chris P, Christopher F, Dharen C, Eric I, James V, Kevin G, Nick F, Tommas R

ESKA PRINT 1)Ubber Designer Male 20-30, attractive, hip, ultra-cool fashionable type, very fashion and impeccably style hair

Max Agency Talent Sean S, Paul S, Ry K, Adrian G, Andi Z, Jordan E

2) Eco Hippie Male 20-30 Kensington Market new age hippies, outdoorsy and environmentally conscious. Attractive and very natural.

Max Agency Talent Andrew T. Connor H, Devlin K, Luka P, Robbie K

3) Ecco Hippie Female 20-30 Attractive, very natural, long un-styled hair, no make-up

Max Agency Talent Cynthia C, Erika H, Rachel J, Amber R, Molly F, Karlie B, Stephanie C

4) Glamour Party Girl – 20-30 Glossy, Gorgeous and well manicured, very trendy

Max Agency Talent Alex H, Alicia D, Nadesha J, Rachel T, Shereeza A, Sofiya M

TIM HORTONS MUSHROOM SOUP 1) Jason PP Open Ethnicity – 30-35 yrs. Strong dialogue and comedy skills

Max Agency Talent Jason Ti. Benjamin P Jamie M, Jordan E

2) Todd PP Open Ethnicity – 30-35 yrs. Strong dialogue comedy skills. Performer required to consume the product

Max Agency Talent Norman G, Chad E, James P, Andi Z

3) Male Mechanics – 25-45 Open ethnicity

Max Agency Talent Shaheed A, Kevin C, Maxim M, Paul S, Yohan K, Edwin P, Andrew R, Attillio R and Cvetelin C


1)Boys 1 and 2: 4-7 years old-ish, Good looking kids

Max Agency Talent Aden D, Aiden D, Angelo R, Anthony A, David A, JT M, Jake H, Kevin Z, Malachi M, Roberto R, Seth M and Trystan L, Tyler W

2) Wife SOC Attractive, smart, mid-to-late 30s

Max Agency Talent Kathryn M, Kathryn K, Shirley N, Yioula, Lisette P

CEPACOL 1) Principal Man 25-35 Years. Tall and Lanky, 6’ plus, Office worker in typical accounting office. Nice Hair

Max Agency Talent Chad E, Jordan E, Warren J, Andrew T, Andi Z

2) SOC Bride 20-30 5’7 plus

Max Agency Talent Alicia D, Alex H, Jashke K, Jamie S, Helena K, Irina P


Mafioso Male

Max Agency Talent Cvetelin C, Perry G CTV PROMO ETALK ACCESS HOLLYWOOD COMBO POST 1) Good looking. Age Range 25-45 Portraying Paprazzi

Max Agency Talent Rolan A, Kevin C, Ryan C, Godfrey C, Cvetelin C, Chad E, Jodan E, Scott F, Perry G, Mark G, Warren J, Vadym K, Serge M, Jamie M, D’Mitri M, Attilio R, Sean S, Anthony S, Andi Z

2) Female Models 20-30. 2 blonde and 1 Afro Canadian. Will portray Paparazzi

Max Agency Talent Shereeza A, Alicia D, Vivian I, Nadesha J, Irina P

3) Male Model Type. Good body. Not recognizable.

Max Agency Talent Ry K

4) Female Model Type. Good body. Not recognizable. Max Agency Talent Alex H BROIL KING BBQ

29-36 Attractive healthy, fit, outgoing. She “completes” the hero host. Good sense of humor. Understated but not to be under estimated.

Kathryn K, Inderpal W and Yioula

FITNESS DEPOT 1) Principal Woman 50s Various ethnicities. Principal actor should have some experience – should be healthy and vibrant looking.

Max Agency Talent Barb F, Bevery O, Denise M

2) Man. 30s Various ethnicities. Should be healthy and vibrant looking.

Max Agency Talent Andi Z, Chad E, James P, Jordan E, Sean M, Serge M

3) Man mid-30s various ethnicities. Should be healthy and vibrant looking

Max Agency Talent Cvetelin C, D’Mitri M, Jamie M

4) Woman mid-30s Max Agency Talent Kathryn K, Kathryn M, Shirley N, Inderpal W

5) Woman mid-30s various ethnicities. Should be healthy and vibrant looking.

Max Agency Talent Yioula

PRANK PATROL Female 13-ish, Excitable Fan

Max Agency Talent Alex S, Amal M, Sinead O, Brittney G, Jenna W, Rachel T, Taylor J, Serena M, Celeste B

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Max Agency boasts a diverse and hard-working roster of models characterized by commitment and flexibility.

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