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Toronto, (PressExposure) July 18, 2008 -- MAX Agency wishes a happy long weekend to all MAX Agency Talent! We ask that all talent remember that auditions are not easy to come-by. Therefore given the opportunity for an audition or go-see, we remind you that it is important to be on-time. Submissions are almost always based on the availability given to us through check-in. Therefore, we expect that when offered the chance to audition, that talent show up and are on-time. A MAX Agency Talent was immediately released last week, after not showing up for an audition. The reason was traffic. This is unacceptable. Please be advised that talent should plan ahead, as talent who fail to show up for scheduled auditions will be immediately released from the agency.

OPPORTUNITY: If you are over the age of 19 and would like to participate in a punk music video, please contact MAX Agency by tomorrow at 3pm. 15 individuals will be chosen for a taping taking place Wednesday May 21 for 4-5 hours. Please do not respond unless you can make yourself available any time that day. This is ideal for anybody who is eager to get involved in anything – we will be invoicing about 50 dollars/per person for the project – so do not apply if money is an issue. Once we confirm with you, you are expected to show up as we advise. The video shoot should be a lot of fun and there will be a raffle for free I-pod Nanos.

I would also like to say thank you to all who have been checking in by the deadline, 8pm on Fri. Please note that you can call or email to ***Email is preferred due to the high volume of calls.

Michael DeMarco, Agency Director sents Congratulations to the following MAX Agency Talent:

•MAX Agency Talent Elia T, Tom D, Godfrey C, Jason L and Sean S. for preliminary audition for Keys to the VIP. •MAX Agency Talent Elia T and Tom D for Keys to the VIP •MAX Agency Talent Denzel Gordon for Dino Dan, the part of Ryan •MAX Agency Talent Michael I and Joshua M for Dino Dan, the part of Cory •MAX Agency Talent Noah L for Project Trade

Alex H, Nancy S, Melissa B and Tanya C – Congratulations and a warm thank you for participating in the ongoing promotional event!

To all others who have been to auditions and go sees this week and last, keep up the good work and remember to always be courteous and professional. NOTE If we don't have your proper contact information, we will not be able to contact you for upcoming auditions and casting opportunities! Kindly update us with any new or revised contact information, as well as your ongoing availability

TOP BREAKDOWN SUBMISSIONS: **DINO DAN MAX Agency Talent Denzel G, Anton Korikov, Hunter L, JT M, Chase R Cory: 8-11: Dan’s best friend. Class clown. Smart, like Dan, but doesn’t always apply himself. Think of Jonah Hill from Super Bad (personality) **DINO DAN MAX Agency Talent Tyler G, Andrew H, Michael I, Joshua M, Lanse M Ryan: 8-11: Other member of the threesome. River Pheonix in Stand By Me. Very smart and overachiever. Great athlete. **The Ugliest Carpet MAX Agency Talent Barbara F, Kelly G, Lisette P, Beverly O, Denise M Age Range 35-40 – A typical attractive character Principal Woman/Speaking role **The Ugliest Carpet MAX Agency Talent James K, Jamie M, Mark M, James P, Peter S, Courtney S Age Range 35-40 – A typical attractive character Principal Male/Speaking Role **Project Insurance MAX Agency Talent Jordan E, Renea K, Serge M, Mark M, James P, Lisette P, Brandon R, Attilio R Age Range 27-35 Caucasian, happy healthy people middle income folks that look like they are shopping at Cosco. **Project Insurance MAX Agency Talent Davor B, Robert F, Gyana G, Susan L, Jessica L, Frank O Age Range 27-35 year old M/F to be cast as couples. Submit Caucasian males and open ethnicity females **CN TOWER MAX Agency Talent Robert F, Tom D, John Hang, Ryan K Casting to play male member of a couple between 25-35: To look like excited tourists

**CN TOWER MAX Agency Talent Rachel T, Renee S, Nancy S, Shamariah K Casting to play female member of a couple between 25-35: To look like excited tourists **Lady Speed Stick/MuchMusic MAX Agency Talent Alex H, Alex P, Amber R, Brittany M, Erika H, Laryssa H, Molly F, Sarah K, Tracey E, Amanda T, Candace S, Juliet C, Rachel J and Jessy L Fresh faced 15-18 Year old female. Caucasian/Open ethnicity, to be cast as mixed ethnicity best friend duo. **KEYS TO THE VIP

MAX Agency Talent Jason L, Godfrey C, Elia T, Sean S, Tom D Good looking, personable guys with wicked sense of humour. Neither married or in serious/committed relationship.

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