Maximizer CRM Improves Integration With Microsoft Outlook

Chatswood, Australia (PressExposure) August 12, 2013 -- The synchronization between Maximizer CRM cloud and Microsoft Outlook has now been implemented. This allows Maximizer CRM cloud clients to keep their tasks in sync in both Maximizer CRM Cloud and Microsoft Outlook. Previously this feature was only available for Maximizer CRM clients that were using the on- premise solution.

With the new Maximizer CRM Summer 2013 release, many features of the sales automation software were improved. This includes more productive searches, improved menu labelling, enhanced productivity in sales, marketing and service, advancements in template security and email personalisation allowing marketers to better target customers, improved web accessibility functions, mobile user improvements to optimise smartphone and tablet use.

The Maximizer user task synchronisation is easy to implement. Firstly, the option that allows task synchronization needs to be checked in Maximizer CRM and then the data range that needs to be carried over to Microsoft Outlook is to be selected. The next time the user synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, the tasks will be added to the Maximizer CRM Hotlist, and vice- versa.

The dates range selected in the settings for the tasks must fall within the date range of the tasks that the user wants to be synchronised. The user may not want to set the beginning of the range too far in the past as old tasks may be synchronized that are no longer needed. Alternatively, the user can select the "carry forward unfinished tasks" option. That will ensure that any old tasks that haven't been marked as "completed" will still synchronize, even if they fall outside the specified date range.

With the new Maximizer CRM cloud Outlook Add-in Maximizer clients can also do something that's never been possible; create a Hotlist task in Maximizer directly from an Outlook email. When Maximizer clients receive an email that needs to be followed-up on, simply click the "Create Task" button in the Maximizer tab in the Outlook ribbon, and you can create a Hotlist task to remind yourself about it. If an email is from a new prospect that is not already a contact in Maximizer, clients can choose to create a completely new Maximizer contact and a new task from the email. Or, if the contact already exists, Maximizer clients can create the task for any entries with a matching email address. And of course, Maximizer CRM Cloud users can create a personal tasks that aren't linked to a client. Once Maximizer CRM users have selected the type of task, a dialog not unlike the one in Maximizer will appear. The Activity field will be automatically filled-in with the subject of the email, and the user can fill-in the remaining fields as per requirements.

Maximizer customer relationship management software (CRM) is a completely integrated sales, marketing, customer service and support management solution that enables Maximizer customers to manage attractive prospects, provide rich customer engagement, and fuel business's success anywhere, anytime.

Whether an entrepreneur, small or medium business, or a large enterprise with hundreds of employees and thousands of customers, Maximizer CRM has the right solution for all businesses! Maximizer offers cloud CRM for mobile sales forces and on-premise CRM that you can manage yourself and is available in 7 languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish and French), in over 60 countries, serviced by 4 regional offices and more than 100 partners, with 120,000 customers and over 1 million licensed Maximizer CRM users, this software allows businesses all around the world to effectively manage sales leads and customer databases.

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