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Pomona, (PressExposure) July 06, 2009 -- The bridal bouquet is one of the most important parts of a bride’s outfit on her wedding day aside from the wedding gown. It is important that a bride learns about the different kinds of flowers Philippines she can use on her bouquet and the different styles and shapes of bouquets. Knowing these things would give her a more informed choice regarding her choices when it comes to choosing her bridal bouquet.

The tradition of carrying bouquets is said to have its origins in ancient times when women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs, and spices to ward off evil spirits. Later on, bridal bouquets became more elaborate and ornamental.

While some brides simply choose their favorite flowers Philippines, some brides choose flowers Philippines that have special meanings for their bridal bouquet. Below are some of the popular flowers often used in bridal bouquets and their meanings.

* Calla Lily. Majestic beauty, regal. * Gardenia. Secret love, joy, you’re lovely. * Hydrangea. Boastfulness, frigidity, heartlessness, vanity, thank you for understanding. * Lilac. First love, youth, innocence. * Lily of the Valley. Increased happiness, sweetness, return of happiness, humility, beauty, gaiety. * Orchids. Love, beauty, refinement, Chinese symbol for many children, charm. * Rose. Happy love, red – love, pink – perfect happiness, white – innocence and purity, yellow – friendship, decrease of love, jealousy. * Stephanotis. Happiness in marriage, desire to travel, good luck. * Tulip. Hopeless love, beautiful eyes, symbol for the perfect lover. * Geranium. I prefer you, bridal favor, comfort. * Carnation. Fascination, love, white – innocence. * Chrysanthemum. Cheerfulness, rest, truth, love. * Daisy. Innocence, loyal love, purity. * Peony. Healing, happy life, happy marriage. * Sunflower. Pride, sunshine, devotion, adoration. * Wisteria. Welcome, youth, poetry, steadfast. * Zinnia. Lasting affection, remembrance, constancy, goodness. * Acacia. Concealed Love, Beauty in Retirement, Chaste Love, Platonic Love, Friendship * Violet. Faithfulness, modesty, simplicity. * Hyacinth. Constancy, playfulness, loveliness. * Dandelion. Faithfulness, happiness. * Daffodil. Unrequited love, chivalry, regard. * Jasmine. Amiability, social. * Dahlia. Good taste, pomp, dignity, elegance. * Tiger Lily. Wealth, pride. * Sweetpea. Goodbye, departure, blissful pleasure, delicate pleasures. * Cattleya. Mature charm.

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