Media Mayhem Corporation Signs Exclusive Deal with Music Label Beta Records, LLC

Santa Monica, California (PressExposure) July 03, 2008 -- Media Mayhem Corporation (MMC) announces Friday the signing of an exclusive deal with Hollywood, California based Beta Records, LLC. The pairing of the two companies will fuse together new and unexplored territories around the world as the label unveils web based outlets in the United States, Mexico, Germany, and the United Kingdom.(PressReleasePoint)

Beta Records has quickly become the factory, the store, the label, and the stage for artists around the world who are seeking to reach audiences beyond their local region without waiting for major label reps to discover them, artists are taking their own music and directing their own future with it by utilizing what Beta Records has to offer.

The label currently offers listeners the opportunity to search for new music in the genre they like the most without having to sift through hundreds of pages of bands/artists that do not appeal to them. Beta features diverse musical choices such as Rock, Metal, Urban, Pop, Country, Electronic, Alternative, DJ, Rap, Hip-Hop, and Universal (World/New Age) giving any label a run for their money when it comes to their artist roster list.

“I think this presents an excellent opportunity to get in on something exciting in the music industry which everyone knows has been trying to find itself for the last 10 years or so and failing miserably at it,” says Eric Willis, Vice President of Media Mayhem Corporation.

“What Beta Records is offering is where the music world is headed in the future so why not join now and be well ahead of the rest? It just makes sense, not only for the artists but for the consumer as well who are given a selected playlist when it comes to commercial radio and we have all seen what has become of MTV/VH1/CMT as they have turned into reality programming around the clock with little to no exposure for artists out there.”

Willis believes the medium will not fail because music is becoming more globalized than ever with the success of social networking and instant gratification of music discovery and purchasing.

“You not only get in on the bottom ground with a lot of these artists and become part of their journey but you don’t have some multi-million dollar campaign telling you that this is popular and you need to listen to this artist or have a network push a handful of artists a few times a year and that is your new music exposure,” says Willis.

“There has never been a time where there have been so many outlets to play music on television, radio, and the Internet and find little to nothing new or groundbreaking. It’s the same artists playing the same songs we have heard a million times. With Beta Records you are getting unlimited ways of exposing not only an artist’s songs through sharing with friends and other social networking roads but you are giving someone a chance to have a home base to release their music from and that scares the big labels but excites both Beta and MMC as we open our toy chests and unleash them.”

The Beta Records web sites leave a wide open door for advertiser’s content aggregators, and affiliate websites to gain exposure that they would only dream about in the past. With the recent signing of SoCal’s metal heroes Sangre, L.A. based Vocalist/DJ Psykick Girl, Electronica whiz SOL TEC LAB, Emo rocker Red Light One, and the German based Hoodlum Project…Beta Records continues to expand its artist base by the day.

About Media Mayhem: Media Mayhem's slogan of "fusing experience, strategy, technology and drive" describes a full-service advertising representation firm. Their services include online and offline marketing, and event sponsorships. They specialize in building lifestyle-based advertising solutions for their clients and engaging consumer audiences through branded film, music, art, fashion, sports, technology, entertainment and lifestyle experiences, across niche vertical markets.

Media Mayhem is a firm that goes far beyond a typical online advertising network. They represent all of their publishers on an exclusive site-specific basis allowing advertising clients to customize their advertising and media buys. They allow clients to pick and choose individual websites in order to meet their campaign's target demographic. MMC engages trade and consumer media by leveraging their access and relationships to position clients directly with the key elements that drive popular culture and create new markets of opportunity.

MMC is now recognized to maximize client investments by delivering strategic insight, direct-access relationships and execution across a broad range of global resources. They exercise professional program management throughout their enterprise to deliver flawless results, utilizing the latest in technology, creative services and design to produce cutting-edge environments and experiences for clients - all turnkey and on budget. They maintain a successful track record supporting major corporations with a wide range of strategic and tactical communications programs and projects.

MMC believes that in order to be heard, brands today must engage consumers not only through traditional media, but through live and experiential platforms that speak to the lifestyle which each consumer embraces as their own. They believe lifestyle, music, fashion, film, sports and art are the core passion points of the consumer lifestyle, and form the building blocks for using media as a vehicle to capture mindshare, market share and media for client brands.

This is an advertising representation firm that believes that a company's media, promotions and public relations strategy must integrate with its advertising strategy. Campaigns that are scalable and broad in scope, both culturally and demographically, and attract enormous media coverage and continue to grow as consumers look for ways to engage in new and nostalgic experiences with family/peers.

As such, they focus on using online and offline initiatives as a medium that delivers an ongoing emotional attachment between companies and their target consumers to drive brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand demand. More information:

About Beta Records, LLC: BETA Records is a hybrid online music community that actively attracts, produces, showcases, and distributes unsigned artist content of all genres around the world. The "hybrid" nature of the company bridges the following two areas:

An Online-Community By leveraging proprietary technology, BETA connects fans to artists and to each other through an upcoming social music site in April of 2008. The BETA site becomes a musician's personal online marketing, distribution, and revenue platform in both the music industry and across peer-to-peer networks. BETA's ecosystem of artists, fans, and independent labels creates an interconnected mix of global traffic via its international partner sites, valuable to advertisers, content aggregators, and affiliate websites.

A Record Label BETA has successfully complemented its online activities with the brick-and-mortar functionalities and responsibilities of a record label. By building the first known studio capable of simultaneous recording and web broadcasting of audio/video content, BETA has established its own creative environment and the opportunity to monetize and sign website talent to BETA's publishing arm of the Company. (USA) (Germany) [] (Mexico) [] (UK) Press release distribution by PressReleasePoint

Contact: Eric Willis Media Mayhem 1749 14th Street Santa Monica, California 90404 310.478.7358

About Media Mayhem

Media Mayhem's slogan of "fusing experience, strategy, technology and drive" describes a full-service advertising representation firm.

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