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Shah Alam, Malaysia (PressExposure) January 27, 2012 -- The first Faronics online store in Malaysia has arrived. You can now make purchases for your computing needs online via Malaysian before this had to order directly through Faronics or via local channel partners. Now purchases can be made directly.

Faronics is a software suite that allows you to increase productivity of your organization. Widely used in the USA and Europe, Faronics has been proven to be indispensable. Used by various government agencies and private bodies, Faronics ensures that an organization keeps running at its best performance. Faronics Power save allows organizations to save operating costs of electricity used by personal computers. The savings for an organization with even 100 computers can be very significant.

Not many realize that reducing the amount of electric consumption actually saves the environment. Faronics Power Save, allows you to save operating costs, and help you build a better environment. With estimated savings of RM 100.00 per pc over a year you can save a lot in operating costs.

Faronics ensures that your organization's computers run trouble free without the hassles of malware, misconfiguration, viruses, trojan etc. from affection your computers. The bulletproof concept created by Faronics, allows you to have a trouble free networked environment. With an average reduction in support tickets by 63% Faronics proves that less downtime means more money. With less downtime employees can now have more time to focus on their jobs. According to a research conducted by Gartner a well-managed PC costs 42% less to operate over a year. This also saves significant amount of funds.

Malware growth has become a troubling worry, they are said to be about 60,000 malware developed daily. Multiply that over a year and now we are in big trouble. Faronics can ensure that your computer remains immune from any of these infections.

What if all the possible threats to networked PCs could be overcome? This can be done by using Faronics Absolute Layered Security approach. This method provides IT security at its best for PCs. With the Faronics suite computer management has never been easier. Network security is as simple as a restart. By applying the layered security mechanism you eliminate malware infections, accidental misconfigurations, zero day attacks, changes to registry, hacking attempts, unauthorized installation of software and elimination of risks associated with software. If there is a network wide infection, simply restart the whole network at the push of a button.

Imagine a trouble free work environment, where everything works like clockwork. Lower operating costs, mean more profit. Employees need not be burdened by backlog of work. Faronics, creating a more productive environment.

About Meissa Group Sdn. Bhd.

Meissa Group Sdn. an ICT based company located in Malaysia. We were established in 1993 and have been in the business ever since. We have a team of dedicated personnel just to cater for your needs in the virtual world. Our team of professional programmers, online marketers and designers are dedicated just to serve you.

Our expertise in the field of ICT includes (and is not limited to):

i. Systems Integrity and Control Software (Faronics)
ii. Web Development and Maintenance
v. Web Based Applications Development
vi. Business Process Optimization

Some of our projects include social networking sites, student networks, and professional communities. From simple five page websites to high-end networks that allow file sharing, webinars, and many more tailor made features. We also provide marketing advice on how to generate income from your online business or website.

Business Process Optimization is a method we use to study and recommend software that will enhance your business. Our consultation has enabled our customers to save money by fully utilizing their inventory. An inventory that clears out fast means more income for your business. Our customers are assured that their computing systems are well taken care of with us by their sides all the time.

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