Metal Spinning Helps Save Money and Boost UK's Economy

Portsmouth, United Kingdom (PressExposure) July 22, 2011 -- A number of UK based companies are looking at alternative sources of supply to the current China based suppliers they are using. With the increase in costs of raw materials from China and many UK based companies demanding products from European Mills. Large quantities of work are coming back into the UK with spun metal components being top of the list. Excell Metal Spinning Limited is one of these companies finding a increased amount of work returning from China.

Speaking to Director Lee Bligh "This is a fantastic opportunity for the business and will really help the manufacturing industry as a whole throuout the UK". This can only be seen as a positive impact for british manufacturing and could help create a number of new economic strengths. Though this is the case only time will tell on any real impacts this could have on the UK economy.

Metal Spinning is one of the oldest forms of engineering, which can be traced right back through the ages. The tradesmen that participate in the craft tend to be a proud bunch, proud to be involved in what has to be said a very unique operation, many people ask, what is metal spinning? Our reply is that it is pottery with but with metal. If you can imagine "throwing the pot" on the potters wheel it is very similar, but in sheet metal form. Sheet metal material is cut into a disc, and then the fun begins, transported to the lathe area, the disc is handed to the metal spinning engineer who will then spin the material over a solid piece of precision made tooling (made to the customers specification), the lathes that spin round so fast and the hand skill of the engineer has to be seen to be believed, and then after a period of time, the flat metal disc from the start has as if my magic been transformed into a hollow shape of a very useful nature, be it a cone a dome or any other shape required.

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