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Marikina, Philippines (PressExposure) May 12, 2009 -- In SEO, building up links is one of the most important element for its success. Many have said that the more links you have, the more popular you'll get. This is true in a sense that the links should comply with search engine guidelines, such as the relevance of links linking back to a website. White Hat SEO uses different methods of getting links throughout the website. Here is a list of those methods commonly used today by SEO companies across the world.

Reciprocal Link

A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic. There are two methods to reciprocal linking, the three way linking and link exchange.

* Three way linking

o Three way linking is a special type of reciprocal linking. The attempt of this link building method is to create more "natural" links in the eyes of search engines. The value of links by three-way linking can then be better than normal reciprocal links, which are usually done between two domains.

* Link Exchange

o An alternative to the automated three way linking is link exchange. This method involves members advertising a website they want to get links to, and will in turn offer reciprocal or three way links back to the sites that link to them.

One-Way Linking

This involves a hyperlink that points to a website without any reciprocal link; thus the link goes "one-way" in direction. SEO Philippines consultants states that this way of linking is considered more natural in the eyes of search engines. An effective way to build this type of one-way linking is by distributing articles through content sites and article directories. When publishers use these articles, those one-way links help authors increase their page rank.

Multi-Way Linking

This is a technique used for website promotion whereby websites may create similar one-way links that each involves 3 or more partner sites. This provides each website with a one-way non-reciprocal link. According to Google and Yahoo, the latest search algorithms have evolved to hold less favor towards websites that contain a high percentage of reciprocated links, and a higher favor towards websites that maintain a high level of incoming non-reciprocated (one-way) links, which makes this technique popular.

Link Campaign

Link campaigns are considered as both online marketing and SEO. This technique usually involves a business seeking to increase the number of visitors to its web site through asking its strategic partners, professional organizations, chambers of commerce, suppliers, and customers to add links from their web sites. According to SEO Philippines consultants, a link campaign may involve mutual links back and forth between related sites, but it doesn't have to require the reciprocation of links.

Link Bait

Link bait is any content or feature within a website that somehow baits viewers to place links to it from other websites. Link bait can be an extremely powerful form of marketing as it is viral in nature.

Link Bait as a Form of SEO

Many, including SEO Philippines consultants, have stated that quantity and quality of inbound links are two of the many metrics used by a search engine ranking algorithm to rank a website. Link bait creation falls under the task of link building, and aims to increase the quantity of high-quality, relevant links to a website. One way of doing this is by releasing a link bait article so that bloggers and social media users would promote the piece in tandem. According to studies, social media traffic generates a substantial amount of links to a single web page. Sustainable link bait is rooted in quality content.

* Types of Link Bait

o Informational - Provide information that a reader may find very useful. Some rare tips and tricks or any personal experience through which readers can benefit.

o News - Provide fresh information and obtain citations and links as the news spreads.

o Humor - Tell a funny story or a joke. A bizarre picture of your subject or mocking cartoons can also prove to be link bait.

o Evil/Bad - Saying something unpopular or mean may also yield a lot of attention.

o Tool - Create some sort of tool that is useful enough that people link to it.

o Widgets - A badge or tool, that can be placed or embedded on other websites, with a link included.

Blog Commenting

Leaving a comment on a blog can result in a relevant do follow link to the individual's website. Most of the time however leaving a comment on a blog turns into a no follow link, which is almost useless in the eyes of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. On the other hand, most blog comments get clicked on by the readers of the blog if the comment is well thought out and pertains to the discussion of the other commenters and the post on the blog.

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