Metro Detroit area Contractors Acknowledge Mike Deluca for Providing Paint and Drywall Repair Tips

Detroit, MI (PressExposure) January 12, 2009 -- Mike Deluca was a guest speaker at a workshop designed for new-in-business contractors and homeowners. Mike began by speaking about preparation. “You cannot just slap fresh paint on an ugly wall and expect to get satisfactory results. It might look OK for a week or so, but eventually, stains will bleed through. You’re wasting your time and money if you don’t properly prepare the surface. I also advise people to gather all the necessary tools and supplies they will need in advance and to clear the room of furniture or cover the items that cannot easily be moved.”

Mike went into detail about preparing the surface. He suggested caulking areas around trim, doors and baseboards, filling small holes, sanding rough surfaces and removing nails, door & cabinet handles and electrical outlet covers. “Nothing looks worse than outlet covers that are painted over. It’s also very disappointing to see old stains bleeding through your new paint job. Use a good primer on heavily stained walls before applying paint. Use masking tape or blue painter’s tape around cabinets, windows, woodwork, trim, floors, ceilings and surfaces that you do not want to get paint on”

Mike talked about the right paint for the right surface as he explained, “Kitchens and bathrooms should be painted with high gloss paint designed for these rooms. Bathrooms have moisture, mold and mildew; kitchens are a source of cooking grease which coats walls in cooking areas. Kitchen & bath paint is mold resistant and durable. The high gloss surface is easier to wash when cooking grease accumulates. Read all labels before you begin to determine drying time and coverage areas. Some paint will go further than others. You want to be sure you have enough paint before you begin. If you have to return to the store to have another gallon of paint custom mixed, not only is it a waste of your valuable time, there is a chance that the match will not be perfect.”

Mike concluded, “I cannot stress advance preparation enough. It will actually save you time in the long run when doing the job. Yes, the preparation can take more time than actually applying the paint, but the results will be much more satisfying with proper surface preparation. Also realize that paint drips and splatters; you don’t want to damage furniture and carpet while improving the walls and ceilings. Another reason for preparation is to remove items that you can trip over. Nothing is more devastating to a paint job than knocking over a full can of paint, dropping the can of paint when you trip over something or personal injury.” Mike Deluca is a paint and drywall contractor in the Metro Detroit area, serving Detroit and the entire Oakland County area. He has been successful in business for over 15 years. Mike will be happy to provide references from many of his satisfied customers. Visit for more information on Mike Deluca and the services he provides. Contact:

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