Mg Hardie's Debut Book "EveryDay Life" Adds Fifth Element To Hip Hop

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) August 08, 2008 -- MG Hardie a natural born poet is the eldest son of impoverished parents publishes a one-of-a-kind book "EveryDay Life". Hardie is from the Long Beach environment of weekly unreported street murders, although EveryDay Life includes politics, rap, history, sex, drugs, and other forms of debauchery Hardie, through EveryDay Life, still manages to drop what is most likely the most potent verse in Hip-Hop history. As a youth Hardie often found a sense of freedom in athletics a freedom that was unjustly taken away. The prison, the streets, the university and corporate America gave Hardie a pragmatic look at the plight of the brown-skinned alike and the nation's often inhumane and corrupt sense of and socio-politics.

Hardie not so simply put is a child of the sun, offspring of the original people, a son, a father, a brother, philosopher, humorous, tireless, selfless, mysterious to some, a lover of words, a hip hop kid, a throw back to the 80's. He is a risk taker, a creator of red, black and green words that do drive-bys on red, white and blue ones. He is urbanlly dynamic and destined to reveal a positive side of the "subculture." And with the publication of the one-of-a-kind EveryDay Life the world will see just that. “Obviously Hip Hop is Read” says Hardie with a smile.

EveryDay Life's 5 Star Review "It was an era when hip-hop was the best thing since Martin Luther King-and marijuana was the best way to cope with problems, the hype of the music industry and the pitfalls of possibilities."- Ghostwriter Literary Reviews.

EveryDay Life begins with an urban setting and two roommates, but then it takes the reader on a journey through the oversexed verbally charged often humorous lives of the "disenfranchised." While on this journey the reader is treated to an entertaining nostalgic romp through the 90's. Whether the topic is immigration, slavery, foreign policy, the economy, or just being black in America. EveryDay Life unabashedly asserts that America ’s last bastion for truth is-- the ghetto. In this unique piece of contemporary literature Hardie provides the reader with enough social dialogue to last decades. "EveryDay Life" is about African- Americans but it is a book for all Americans. EveryDay Life effectively adds a fifth element to Hip Hop culture... Literature. It is truly time for a change.

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