Miami-Based Nonprofit Behavioral Health Facility Implements (BPM) Technology to Sustain Change and Quality of Care

Miami, Florida (PressExposure) July 03, 2008 -- Our Children Our Future (OCOF) had to look outside of traditional methods of management and control to continue its delivery of superior service to its ever increasing client base within tightening budget constraints. Lean Productivity Solutions (LPS), a business process automation consulting firm in Miami, Florida, was engaged to provide business process strategy, realignment, and automation. LPS Senior BPM Analyst & Managing Partner – Stacy Da Costa said “we were first approached by Veronica James - CEO of OCOF- to address what amounted to considerable problems with her existing records management database.” Ms. James had realized for some time that the complexity of the process of care delivery, a growing complexity in billing, and the need for organization wide dissemination of regulatory standards and standard operating procedures coupled with the desire for continuous quality improvement, presented considerable limitations within the scope of the record management system that she had or any that she could envision.

“We had to look outside of traditional methods of management and control to continue delivering the level of service we’d committed to providing our clients. Increasing regulatory compliance had to be achieved within incredibly tight budget constraints whilst at the same time not sacrificing the standard of care being offered to the most vulnerable sector of the population …our children.”

As a Nonprofit Behavioral Healthcare organization that has tirelessly served children and families in Miami-Dade and Broward counties for the past 14 years, OCOF had struggled to streamline its organization to absorb the rapid changes and increasing financial burden of Non-profit care in the Mental & Behavioral Healthcare industry. These changes arise from the compounded effect of changing state regulations and legislative mandates, as well as increasingly tighter restrictions by insurance companies and state mandated privatization partners on reimbursement from state, and federal funds.

“We were very frustrated with the accepted norms, strategies and models available and indeed acceptable for nonprofits to improve performance, manage information, and sustain revenue consistent with the changes we constantly had to deal with. A major contribution to my personal frustration as the last point of accountability in our organization, was that the knowledge resources that I usually turn to for assistance merely re-iterated the same strategies and old ideas that we already knew could not be applied to the current nonprofit service delivery climate” continued Ms. James.

She explained further that among the prevailing challenges that impact similar healthcare organizations are funding and revenue building, standards and regulatory compliance, capacity building, and information management. With a general failure within the industry to exploit or provide incentives to Non-Profits to exploit, as have other industries, the powerful capabilities of today’s technology she feared that investment in other methods for say capacity building was, in the short term, inefficient, and in the long term very wasteful. After the LPS team sat down with Ms. James to demonstrate the capabilities of the BPM and Workflow Technology platform provided through its strategic partners FlowBiz Party Ltd., she was absolutely blown away by the robust comprehensive ‘real-time’ capabilities to manage and publish documents, define and execute processes and tasks, manage and track issues, and to automatically kick-off business communications – emails, faxes, and SMSs - to any recipient from any step within a process. She was even more impressed by the state-of-the-art self auditing and business intelligence reporting capabilities available right out of the box. She became absolutely convinced that it was only through the leveraging and application of this type of technology and consulting expertise that it would be even remotely possible for behavioral healthcare facilities to keep up with the rapid external changes and the need for ‘real-time’ internal monitoring and control without foundering.

“We realized that the static nature of a database could not respond to our need for “real-time” information to inform our decision making in an environment where delayed action and sometimes inaction could meet with significant financial and quality-in-care consequences. Furthermore, our facility relies on information coming from various sources and monitoring this information plus the need for action in any given situation becomes crucial to preventing critical task assignments from falling off the radar screen. LPS has clearly demonstrated its considerable expertise with BPM and Workflow technologies to help us to advance not only our information needs and decision support efforts but also to develop promising process-information models in clinical path management within our system of care” summarized Ms. James.

For more information, please call Stacy Da Costa – LPS at (305) 259-0356 or Veronica James – OCOF at (305) 893-9365.

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