Michael Torchia, Health Advocate Embarks On A Global Initiative To Build Alliances With Various Organizations Around The World To Alleviate The Epidemic Of Obesity

Beverly Hills, CA (PressExposure) January 26, 2009 -- After doing extensive research on various organizations that say their mission is to eliminate childhood obesity, Torchia discovered most of them have no strategic plan, proper structuring or qualified team of experts to accomplish the outrageous claims of achievement in such a short time frame.

After years of raising hundreds of millions of dollars, what have these organizations really done with their donations? Most of these organizations have only been handing out promotional newsletters with unsubstantiated claims of their achievements. What seems even stranger is the majority of the donations come from companies who also have contracts providing public schools across the country with food products with toxic ingredients that can endanger the health of our nation. Unfortunately, this gives many of these questionable companies a halo effect, protecting and preventing them from reengineering their food products.

"It is indefensible that anyone would consider endorsements from these companies. These endorsements make as much sense as having the Columbian Medellin Cartel sponsoring America's war on drugs. Unless, of course, you consider the use of artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, hydrogenated oils and refined sugars to be essential nutrients for the health of our children. Since the aforementioned food additives are embraced to varying degrees by sponsors of these Health Initiatives, they are actively engaging in CREATING the many health complications, identified under the medical term Syndrome-X (obesity, diabetes, etc) that many of these organizations claim to be fighting against, says Torchia."

Food products containing toxic ingredients cannot be consumed in moderation unless you want "moderate" hypoglycemia and diabetes to result. This is according to clinical studies from major universities. There is nothing moderate about ingesting substances that result in chronic, degradation diseases. This is the delusion that somehow allows mass food processors to convince nutritionally ignorant people that they are promoting good health.

Also, after thoroughly reviewing various organizations established to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity, Torchia discovered they have websites that invite visitors and companies with direct links for donating funds for their organization. In addition, none of them provided any information to how they plan to solve this epidemic and did not have substantiated prove of any results of their initiatives.

Torchia is planning to combine forces with renowned health experts, legitimate organizations as well as powerful politicians and utilize the Star power of his elite clientele to help make a significant turnaround of the obesity around the World. The goal of Torchia's Global Initiative is to set new standards for organizations throughout the United States and the World!

"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."

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