Michigan Single Mom's Business Soars Despite Severe Health Challenge, Recession

Jenison, Michigan (PressExposure) February 06, 2012 -- Finding work in a tough economy is hard enough, but this single mom found success while dealing with an even more daunting problem: Narcolepsy.

"Life takes some interesting twists," said Laurie Ayers, a mom of two teens in Jenison, Mich. "I never thought I'd be supporting my family with wax!" She credits working at home and the home fragrance business, Scentsy, and its wickless candles and scents for saving the day.

This smiling, redhead single mother lives with a-typical narcolepsy, a chronic neurological disorder that affects the part of the brain that regulates sleep and wake cycles. It is characterized by overwhelming drowsiness and difficulty staying awake. There is no cure. Medication and lifestyle changes at best can only manage symptoms - though with little success.

Contrary to stereotypes, narcolepsy is not related to depression, seizure disorders, fainting, lack of sleep or other conditions that cause abnormal sleep patterns. "Lazy, or depressed, that's exactly what many people think," Ayers said.

And, despite enduring narcolepsy for most of her life, Ayers worked outside the home with a career with the Federal Government. But as her narcolepsy progressed, she was no longer able to keep her eyes open to work a traditional eight-to-five job.

As a single parent living with a medical disability, Ayers faced and met the challenges of being both provider and primary caregiver to her children head-on by going into business for herself. She has done so for the last thirteen years.

With a grin, Ayers said "My background is Crime Prevention. I started working from home with a business that focused on self-defense and personal safety. Most of my clients were from the federal government, but when the budgets dried up, so did my business. My security business also began to feel the pinch of the economy; I knew I needed to do something to keep the mortgage paid and my children fed."

Ayers said she has also been in and out of the direct sales industry since the 1980s; including representing Scentsy wickless candles since 2006. "So when the Crime Prevention contracts stopped, I was blessed to have my Scentsy business to turn to," she said.

Combining her talent for marketing with her love of helping others start and sustain their own home-based businesses, Ayers found a winning combination. Maintaining a successful direct sales business involves serious talent; one must juggle the day-to-day operations of business that include working with customers and potential new team members, but must be equally able to mentor and effectively communicate with existing team members to help them grow their own businesses.

The past six years with her Michigan Scentsy [http://www.ThrivingWorkFromHome.com] business proved that Ayers is more than capable of meeting both requirements. Her experienced hands and business skills provided the winning combination for her Scentsy team.

Meet Laurie Ayers, Successful Entrepreneur.

Ayer was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has made her home in west Michigan for the past forty-some years. While she never planned to bea Michigan Scentsy [http://www.ThrivingWorkFromHome.com] lady, she feels blessed to be part of the company every day.

Many direct selling consultants earn their income by offering their products at home parties. Because of Ayers' narcolepsy, she isn't able to schedule home parties or work her business using those platforms. Laughing, Ayers said her secret is that "Scentsy allows the consultants to work their businesses using a number of different methods, including Internet Marketing. My business is entirely online. I work it from my couch in between naps."

She attributes her success to her website and her Facebook team training site. "It's working smarter, not harder," she said. "I make the information available to my team members so they can be independent business owners, not dependent business owners. It's a win/win. I don't have to repeat answering the same frequently asked questions to each new person, and likewise, they have 24/7 access to the tools they need to be successful."

Ayers prides herself on responding to her teams' needs generally within four hours or less.

The sites also help manage Ayers' disorder. "It may seem like I sleep all the time, when in actuality I haven't had a full night's sleep in more than 25 years. I'm just exhausted all the time. So, I'm awake for short bursts, which allows me to answer emails and forum posts, then I'm right back to sleep, then repeat. Some of my team members think I never sleep, but that's only because they don't realize when I'm not posting information, I'm usually sleeping on the other end of their computer. Scentsy truly did save the day. I'm not employable, and without my income from Scentsy, I would be living under a bridge."

Ayers' 'Failure is Not an Option' attitude is contagious and the fact that she enjoys helping others is obvious. It's clear that this entrepreneur spends a lot of time with her team members: her careful and professional approach helped her team successfully grow into all fifty states and now into Europe.

Her tone turned serious as she said, "I get great satisfaction from providing my team members accurate, timely responses to their questions and concerns. The business skills I learned are transferable, no matter if I'm working for the Federal Government, or working from home, half asleep, propped up with a pillow."

For additional information about Laurie Ayers and her success with working from home, please visit: [http://www.ThrivingWorkFromHome.com]

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