Middle-Aged Backpacker Goes Around The World

New York, NY (PressExposure) April 30, 2008 -- In recent years, backpacking has become more popular with travelers—especially in destinations like Southeast Asia, New Zealand and the Greek Islands.

Rarely, though, has there been a backpacking exploration covering all seven continents and lasting five years. Gary Garner, world adventurer and author of the new book Through the Eyes of Madness, recently returned from a journey that spanned the globe and brought him through villages and cities with nothing more than his backpack.

“I quit my life and embarked on a global exploration,” says Mr. Garner, “with only what I could carry. And I never looked back.”

For the past five years, Mr. Garner has been literally homeless and jobless, and more or less without material possessions. While roaming each of the seven continents in search of a simpler life, he experienced:

• Witnessing a brutal murder on the South China Sea • The wrath of an angry mob in the midst of a Nepalese civil war • His own near-death at the heights of Mt. Everest • Being ambushed and robbed in Costa Rica by very unusual suspects • Countless other harrowing escapes that illustrated valuable and moving life lessons

Throughout his exploration, Mr. Garner kept countless detailed journals and notes, and crafted amazing artwork. His modern adventure tale is richly illustrated with scores of photos and drawings Each chapter details his life-and-death adventures, including some situations that were seemingly un-survivable.

Through the Eyes of Madness also has an intriguing twist: Mr. Garner has a mysterious surprise waiting for anyone who can decipher the encrypted codes in his journal, which point to physical clues planted around the world. From beginning to end, the book is laced with a visual and mathematical secret code—but unlike its fictional cousins like The Da Vinci Code, this book’s secret is very real.

“These past few years have been so fantastical and life-altering that even I have trouble believing it,” admits Mr. Garner. “But that’s why I kept the journals and constructed the book in the way that I did. Now, others can share in the adventure.”

To learn more about the breakout book critics are hailing as “the most ingenious and intriguing adventure book ever written,” visit [http://www.ThroughtheEyesofMadness.com], or preview a video interview with the author at [http://www.throughtheeyesofmadness.com/Videos.htm].

To see an animated short film about Mr. Garner’s journey that will be airing on public television stations across the nation in coming months, please visit http://youtube.com/watch?v=Oa81EgCFJGY or go to Fast Focus TV at http:/www.fastfocus.tv/media.aspx?id=381.

HAPPENINGS: Mr. Garner has been invited as a VIP guest to the fiftieth anniversary of the Grammy Awards. In addition, he has debuted a film at Sundance and made a VIP appearance at Synchronized Green Initiative Concert Series. Mr. Garner is a Von Dutch artist in residency and public television stations nationwide have been airing interstitials about his book.

ARTICLES/VIDEO/INTERNET: Mr. Garner has been the subject of cover stories in River Valley News and Kent Reporter as well as feature stories in Park Record; he was also profiled by New Eye Productions. In the future, he will be featured on the Eco Treadsetters Website, YouTube.com and Fast Focus TV. He will also make appearances on The Rude Awakening and other shows.

(Through the Eyes of Madness by Gary Garner; ISBN: 0-9798687-9-3; illustrated; photos; $39.99; 398 pages; 8½” x 11½”; softcover; Integrated Technology Edge Corporation)

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