Milt Thomas Gives 'em Hell in "Black, Dumb and Barefoot" And "Knocked Up By The Democrats"

Avondale Estates, GA (PressExposure) May 25, 2011 -- Just when you thought you were out of the "race discussion," a new writer back in, and he does it with a style that is in opposition to pundits such as Herman Cain and intellects as Thomas Sowell. All of his own making, this writer's voice is sure to resonate across the various social narratives, especially as the 2012 campaign season gets underway, cutting no corners and giving no quarter to political correctness. Finally, the small phalanx of free thinking, conservative Black intellectuals has a new member -- Milt Thomas.

Hailing from a South Georgia farm, Thomas' formative years were during the foment of civil rights and matriculated at the University of Georgia, then up the ladder of corporate America, and now author of a story that flies in the face of the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton template of victimization.

Thomas' view is that Ebonic political culture, in league with liberal dogma, has done more to hamper Blacks than anything knows of oppression. Armed with a barrage of metaphors, undisguised vitriol and surgical wry humor, he posits that too many people of color vote in lockstep brainlessness as democrat party automatons.

"Now," Thomas tells us, "as they start realizing the consequences of their ways, those who once carried Obama's sedan chair privately suffer remorseful sticker shock, leaving them to wish for and plot for his political crucifixion." Thomas laments that the "hope and change" of the Obama phenomenon has not worked out for the low-income citizens and blacks, in general, who thought they stood to benefit most from Obama's largesse.

This first outing for Thomas lays out his perspective via anecdote, personal history and hard-learned philosophy. It is a clear vision laced with the passion of frustration and anger stemming from his years of watching an ill-realized civil rights vision evolve into a stagnant culture of legalistic diversity training and political correctness. Readers will hear a point of view that may make them say, "This is what I've believed all along but have been afraid to say."

Black, Dumb And Barefoot. . .And Knocked Up By The Democrats is now available as an e-book as well as print.

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