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Fremont, CA (PressExposure) April 05, 2011 -- The website PC speed booster is a Wonder Drug when it comes to Computers. It has a big compilation of recent techniques and tweaks for a faster PC. The site guides you hand by hand on how to optimize your start up programs that will give you a head start from your previous speed. It also discusses topics about how to remove your overflowing history and cookies for three different Browsers and set them up so that they will not give problems anymore in the future. The site also discusses the topic about Defragging and Disk Cleanup, when and where it is needed. And also Registry Fix and clean up, how it works and what to look for. This site will give you the basics in Computer Tweaking and can increase your speed in less than 15 minutes of work.

A well maintained computer can get over its brand new state. As soon as one configuration is finished you will see the Difference right there and then. Configuring your Computer will not cost you anything except for the time to do it properly. Most of computer users don't care about what their computers are going through. One day your computer suddenly crashed with the files that has been kept and stored over the past few years. Suddenly you hit the road to get to a technician only to find that there will be a handful of bill in front of you. Not to mention the Files that you've worked on has been long gone. Riding on this wave we secure a lot of PC users to go to a technician willing to spend.

PC Speed Booster provides all the topics, tweaks and the needed maintenance for a computer. Instead of letting it work for 3 years with the maintenance the site has it will last for well over 10 years. Also one of the points on the site is when the reader is not achieving the speed he pays for the tweaks can give it to you. The site contains tweaks on how to Increase Internet speeds to an additional 50 percent and make surfing a lot more smooth than before.

After which the author of PC Speed booster plans to write pages about Separated partitions that would help readers to gain Invulnerability against viruses and most importantly gain full control of their computer. As claimed by the Author with his tweaks a Pentium 3 Computer will run as fast as a Dual Core Processor. Through time many people have dedicated their time and effort to build us the fastest computers we are using today.

But it's the call of their owners to make sure that nothing will happen to their PC and that's where PC Speed Booster comes in. To help users develop their own skills to maintain the computers themselves. We also have to remember that the power of our PC is not Ultimate. We still have the control over it and we must maintain it as instructed with PC Speed booster.

About PC Speed Booster

PC Speed Booster [http://www.pcspeedbooster.org] has been providing good advices on Maintaining and tweaking your whole computer from software to hardware. PC Speed Booster [http://www.pcspeedbooster.org]. will help users as the site takes you hand by hand for each step.

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