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Minneapolis, MN (PressExposure) November 21, 2009 -- Paul Biener, of Travel Ventures Group and Run With Kings dot com, is going about fund raising in a big way. Paul plans to participate in the 2010 Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the cure event and does not appear to be worried about not making his $75,000.00 personal goal. The 3day for the cure is an annual event, held in many cities across the nation, to raise money for breast cancer research. The event is a walking tour covering 60 miles, over three days time, and so much more. On the surface,it is a victory for those who complete the walk, it is a loving support venue for those currently battling breast cancer, a celebration for survivors and a solemn remembrance of loved ones past.

Paul has recently launched a dot com, myscreamingfeet.com, to help him reach his goal, and pledged to wear high heels for the event. How high, he says, is up to his supporters. "If they really want to see me squirm they can dig deep and help out"

Paul intends to wear heels with at least 1 inch in height for every $15,000.00 in total donations raised in his name. As of yet it is unclear if he intends to wear mens or womens footwear, but concedes that it might be difficult finding mens shoes with 5 inch heels. Paul says "The type of shoes doesn't concern me because, whatever they turn out to be, the problems I experience during the three day event will pale in comparison to the struggles cancer patients endure day in and day out."

"I want to make sure people know how necessary it is to support breast cancer research, and how valuable the Susan G. Komen foundation has been in this effort. Given the current economic situation, it is likely support for medical research of all types will decline and we cannot allow this to happen." Paul stated he hopes to be able to walk the entire event wearing heels, but expects he may be unable to walk the 60 miles without eventually resorting to a more suitable alternative. He then chuckled and said, "Who knows, maybe the heels will wear down to nubs and get easier to walk in. Well I can dream can't I?"

Though the website myscreamingfeet.com is still under construction, and Paul had not officially launched fund raising at the time of this article, there are still links to valuable resources on the site. "My best hope is to raise awareness and foster support for all of the annual 3day for the cure events, and if I am able to meet my goal so much the better. I'll be working on the site, adding resources and links as time goes on, so I invite browsers to bookmark it and check it often."

When asked how he came up with the idea he mentioned another valuable awareness event called 'Walk a mile in her shoes' where participants walk to raise awareness of the domestic abuse and sexual violence problems of today. "I figured, if they can walk in heels, I can try it too". Paul also says he has extended a challenge for others to walk with him and offers to provide free hosting, site promotion assistance and a web link from myscreamingfeet.com, to other participants fund raising sites. He has extended an invitation for people to join him on 'dry run walks', walking laps around the Mall of America and invites volunteers to help with the 3day event. "Even if they cannot walk, they can support the event in other ways by filling volunteer staff and support positions." says Paul.

Through my time with Paul I found him to be an amusing and passionate individual. Some might call him crazy or weird, others may call him motivated, creative, passionate and resourceful but Paul said it best when he remarked about what people may think of his idea. Paul said, "Its going to take bold action, now more than ever, to find a cure for this disease so I had to do something! As far as I'm concerned, no excuses or explanations are necessary so I usually don't offer any. I know people are going to say, or think, what they want, I'm just hoping they do it while writing a check!"

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The Susan G. Komen 3day for the cure is an annual event held in many cities across the nation. Check the 3day for the cure link on http://www.myscreamingfeet.com for information about this and other events.

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