Mobile App "Catch-Em" Brings Dangerous Drivers to a Screeching Halt

Palo Alto, CA (PressExposure) August 21, 2012 -- There's a new mobile application being released today that addresses dangerous and distracted driving for iPhones and Android phones. With auto accidents estimated to kill more than 40,000 people in the United States each year. technology start-up Safer Community Living, Ltd hopes to make the roads safer by launching Catch-em. The app, has already found success after its release in Israel earlier this year, and now the founders plan to roll it out in the U.S. if they can generate the resources needed through an online $50,000 crowdfunding campaign underway this month.

"With the U.S. department of transportation recently establishing a national campaign devoted entirely to educating drivers about the harrowing impact of distracted and dangerous driving, it's clear that not only mothers, fathers and other citizens are deeply concerned, but so too is the federal government. And now anyone can actually do something about it by using Catch-em," said Gene Goldman, one of the company's founders.

Catch-em works in two modes: one for pedestrians, and another hands-free version for motorists. Each one captures footage of traffic offenses as they occur, which are then automatically uploaded and featured on a website where the police and others can view, certify offenses, identify offenders, and later issue citations. Users have the option of classifying the offenses they capture, and website visitors can vote on whether submissions identify true violations. The company then passes on submissions that the community has deemed to be "violations" to local authorities, who can then take action against the dangerous drivers behind road bullying, serious accidents, and road hazards.

"We analyze each submission for authenticity so that individuals cannot make erroneous reports," Goldman said.

Catch-em has significant implications for drivers seeking greater safety for themselves and their families, but the implications for deterring offenses is also significant.

Based on the app's success in Israel (where it is called Nirsham), the founders anticipate widespread use within the U.S. and have kicked off an effort to raise funds from IndieGoGo this month at

"We've just gotten our crowdfunding campaign in place and are excited to get started," said Goldman. "Raising funds, even for a good cause, can be difficult, but we're optimistic that trucking and other similar transportation companies, not to mention police forces, and of course concerned commuters who drive or take public transportation will see the enormous value of Catch-em."

The Indie GoGo crowdfunding campaign is currently underway until September 25th, and pledges will only be activated if the entire $50,000 the startup is seeking is raised.

In Israel, the app is currently available for Android users, and an iPhone app is launching in the next month. Both versions are free.

About Safer Community Living, Ltd

Safer Community Living, Ltd. Is a technology development company based in Israel, dedicated to creating improving the quality of life for everyday citizens and making people's lives safer. Brothers Gene and Elazar Goldman launched Nirsham (Catch-em) in Israel with tremendous success. Visit their website at Help fund the successful U.S. launch of Catch-em by pledging on behalf of Safer Community Living's crowdfunding IndieGoGo campaign at

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