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New York, NY (PressExposure) February 09, 2009 -- YMMG (Model Management Group, MMG), a New York-based modeling and talent management agency, continues its’ rapid growth by signing multi-year exclusive contracts with many of the industry’s up and coming celebrities. MMG has an unbeatable unique advantage over it’s’ competitors. Its owner and founder, Jeff Cohen, was the VP/Chief Operating Officer for two of the best production and post production companies in New York. In that capacity Cohen worked closely with the Heads of Productions of every Television Network and Advertising Agency. Cohen is best known for his innovative approach to building market share through understanding his client’s needs. Understanding how to alleviate his client’s pain allowed him to win the production and post production rights to CBS’s Olympics in Nagano Japan and the Episodic “Sex In The City”, Spin City and the Cosby Show. Cohen stunned the industry when, to get the audio production of “Sex In The City” he built an audio facility for Sarah Jessica Parker right on the lot of SilverCup Studio’s. Knowing how programs are created and the production process allows MMG to stay far ahead of its competitors. MMG understands not only today’s TV and Advertising market but is already positioned its needs well into the future.

The signing of Sheena Santana was another of MMG’s bold moves based on its insight and strong belief that Sheena has all the tools and popularity to be one of the best TV hosts. Cohen believes she will rival and eventually surpass, Tyra Banks, Ryan Seacrest and Heidi Klum. He sees her as the host people can relate to. She is stunning but approachable and speaks to the viewers in a way that they attached to her quickly and that is exactly what this industry is about and wants. The numbers are undeniable, when Sheena was on America’s Next Top Model ratings were substantially higher than when she wasn’t. Viewers loved her and really didn’t even want to watch the show when she wasn’t on it.

Sheena is Harlem Chique and immensely popular. She is beautiful, witty but as real as you can get. People just love her and it the end what the people want is what the people get. MMG knows Sheena will succeed and already has a backlog of offers to sift through. The people want Sheena and their will drive the Advertisers and TV stations to jump into the race for her time. MMG can see the obvious, Sheena is flat out better than many of the hosts that are currently out there. But not just better aesthetically but intellectually and truthfully. Sheena is the first real “Host”, she is not an act, and she speaks from the heart and reaches the hearts of others. It will be a race of the smartest, brightest and progressive executives in TV Network and Advertising to see who will make her the right offer. This won’t be about money; it will be about letting Sheena be Sheena, who currently is by far the choice of the viewing public.

MMG’s Ashley Michaelson is one of the world’s most beautiful people. Starring on ABC’s True Beauty, allowed Ashley to refocus her career and combine her popularity with her years of training as an actress. Also, over the next two months, Ashley will be leading a group of over 28 MMG models in their fundraising efforts to fight cancer. Ashley has generously agreed to auction off the dress she was eliminated and dedicate the entire proceeds to charity. MMG see Ashley eventually in a starring role in an episodic or soap. She has the entire package, looks, brains and the dedication to her craft. Ashley is just an amazing individual and over the next her fans will be seeing a lot of her and MMG knows they have a True Beauty on their roster.

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Headquartered in New York City, Model Management Group (NYMMG) prides itself on developing unique, one-on-one relationships with its clients, while keeping their best interests in mind. Ranked in the top ½ of 1 percent of all television and film management companies in the world by IMDB, Model Management Group is a growing firm that represents clients who constitute a “triple threat” – the ability to obtain work in the fashion, television and film industries. All clients have access to the guidance and direction of talent managers, marketing materials and a dedicated booking staff. For more information, visit or or call 212-253-8353.

About Model Management Group (NYMMG)

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Headquartered in New York City, Model Management Group (NYMMG) prides itself on developing unique

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