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Perth, Western Australia Australia (PressExposure) April 04, 2011 -- A serviced office business centre is usually found in the heart of business districts around the world. In the past, these executive suites have provided a convenient and flexible office rental service with reception and secretarial support and state of the art equipment available. This is not enough any more.

'Business is now web-based" says Julia Hayes from her serviced office Perth in Western Australia. "Our tenants handle their own correspondence and communication". Traditional secretarial support is needed less and less", she added.

Using a serviced office, a start up or solo-preneur businesses aims to spread the set-up costs across a monthly fee and avoid the necessity to expend capital on purchasing equipment and paying for office fit-out, at least in the early days. Today The Swanbourne Business Centre in Western Australia is showing that a serviced office can do more than spread the load of rent and secretarial services but offer first class web help services to a group of tenants, who then each benefit from economies of scale.

As modern business transactions more and more involve internet marketing and e-shops even start up businesses can go global even from day one. Garry Baverstock, a solar energy specialist, climate change realist and tenant in Julia's business centre, agrees. "What the small business needs now is help with their website and their social media presence. Keeping on top of this is a huge challenge."

Another tenant, Anne-Marie Wan, whose new business sells Thomas The Tank Engine Toys on-line confirmed that having access to in-house guidance on website management and search engine optimisation had saved her a great deal of time and money."I just didn't understand search engine optimisation ('SEO'). I thought if I built a website attractive to children and adults alike, people would visit my site. After waiting months for some action, and wasting many thousands of dollars, I've learned the importance of SEO. Now my website is rising in the rankings every day and I am seeing more and more visitors".

But as Anne-Marie found, building a website, keeping it current and positioning it so people can find it amongst the many millions of other sites out there, is a challenge for the uninitiated. "The best way we can help our clients is by helping them save time" says Julia Hayes, "we not only have learned a great deal from our own experience in building our websites but we have met many responsible professionals along the way. By introducing website professionals we have tried and tested, to our tenants, everyone wins". It's not hard to find someone to build a website, or handle the search engine optimization, but how do you to find someone reliable and cost- effective?"

To find reliable sources most of us usually go to friends and contacts and use personal networks for recommendations. There are so many tales of people spending many thousands of dollars on a website only to find it is difficult to update or requires the business owner to go back time after time to the designer to make changes. This adds up to a large investment, one that was not envisaged at the beginning of the journey. Also, website designer specialists are not one and the same as search engine optimization specialists.

Think of building a beautiful house, putting it in a forest, and not laying any paths to the house. The only way someone can find your house is by helicopter. This is the same with a beautifully designed website, without search engine optimization built in. There is no easy way for an accidental visitor to find you. Those who have the exact website address can find your site, but what about others, searching Google with generic words such as "camping equipment" or 'women's shoes". How will they be led to YOUR website?

By offering cost-effective web support from an experienced website help professional, a forward thinking serviced office can attract modern companies that will need and appreciate the knowledge and support these professionals can give to web-based businesses who want to compete in the international marketplace.

About Swanbourne Business Centre

Julia Hayes is a businesswoman working from a serviced office Perth in Western Australia. With a business background in financial services. Julia has changed the traditional business model for a serviced office in order to offer website help [], social media advice and search engine optimisation techniques.

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