Mold Consultant Announces Help to Mold Victims For Claims Against Real Estate Sellers, Brokers, Landlords, Employers, and Insurance Companies

Mesa, Arizona (PressExposure) March 04, 2013 -- Mold Consultant and Certified Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry announces that he will help mold victims and their attorneys in developing and pursuing claims for personal and property damages caused by undisclosed and/or negligently-ignored toxic mold infestations.

"Mold victims are routinely mistreated, exploited, and harmed in the sale, rental, building, and repair of real estate properties by the failure of real estate sellers, real estate brokers and agents, home builders, and contractors to disclose existing and known mold growth when homes and commercial buildings are sold, rented, built or repaired," points out Mr. Fry, who is also a Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, and Certified Ozone Professional.

"In addition, the health of mold victims at work deteriorates when employers fail to: (1) properly maintain workplace buildings to avoid mold-causing roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and heating/air conditioning equipment and duct mold growth; (2) regularly check, inspect, and test the entire workplace building, outward air flow from heating/cooling air supply ducts, and room air for surface mold growth and elevated levels of airborne mold spores; and (3) safely remove and remediate workplace mold growth," adds Mr. Fry, webmaster of

Insurance companies intentionally harm insured property owners by: (1) wrongfully denying payment for insured water and mold property damage; (2) underpaying for insured water and mold damage; and (3) taking too long to pay water and mold-related water insurance claims, which results in the huge mold growth that happens during the unnecessary delay in claim payment.

Mr. Fry can help mold victims in several important ways:

(1) Provide complete mold and environmental inspection, testing, removal, remediation, and prevention services anywhere in the United States to remediate a moldy building, protect its residents, and prepare the essential property inspection report and mold lab results that substantiate any mold insurance and legal claims that the property owner or tenant may be entitled to pursue;

(2) Prepare an in depth mold remediation protocol plan to guide the insured property owner, insurance company, real estate seller, landlord, or employer for effective, complete, and safe mold remediation;

(3) Find a local mold attorney to represent the mold victim in pursuing mold legal claims against all appropriate and responsible parties; and

(4) Provide mold and environmental technical expertise and evidence to the client-selected attorney so that the attorney can prepare the strongest possible mold claim or lawsuit.

For additional information, please email Phillip Fry, or phone 480-310-7970 or 480-217-7173, or visit Mr. Fry's website

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