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East Palo Alto, CA (PressExposure) June 03, 2013 -- When parents work full-time, summer vacation can be difficult. Summer camp is expensive, so to send children there for two months can hamper other recreational spending during the year, or perhaps negate it entirely. No one wants to take the stance of "cheapest is best" when it comes to their children, but sometimes camp is just too costly. When faced with this dilemma, parents have another option: to Find Daycare by hiring a summer-time nanny. With Mom Trusted, parents can find experienced nannies or even post a job to seek out the perfect candidate.

The main benefit of hiring a nanny is that your child or children receive personalized care. Unlike summer camps, where a handful of counselors or junior counselors are stretched amongst hundreds of children, a nanny focuses on your children and only your children. This means that not only can your kids have more opportunity to learn, but they can also enjoy a safer experience because they will be more completely supervised. Since summertime can be a drain on learning, making the start to the school year more difficult, having such personalized care can increase your children's opportunities to learn one-on-one. When they start school again in the autumn, learning won't be a practice they have to remaster.

With a nanny, your child or children will enjoy a safer summer because they will have a constant chaperon to ensure their safety instead of having to rely on a buddy system as do many summer camps--a system that really puts children in charge of supervising one another.

Another benefit to personalized care is that you and your children can plan any outings. Do your kids really love visiting the beach, but the summer camps only go one out of every five days? Maybe you want your children to attend a particular museum or to spend a certain amount of time each day just enjoying playing outdoors. Maybe you only need a nanny three or four days a week. A full week of summer camp might be an unnecessary expense. Whatever your needs are, hiring a summer nanny will provide you the flexibility you require.

When it comes to finding a reliable nanny, the process can, at first, seem as daunting as in Mary Poppins, with a list as long as a song. Mom Trusted helps you not only find a nanny who meets your needs but also lets you post an advertisement, permitting you to specify what you want for your children, any unique availability and what your overall expectations are--and then your potential nannies will come to you.

With the Facebook integration tool, parents can connect with other parents as well as service providers to Find Childcare. This is especially useful when checking with other parents for reviews or communicating with nannies after business hours. During the school year, you entrust your child's care and education to his or her school. In the summer time, the need for care, safety and education does not fade. Mom Trusted will help you find the reliable care your child deserves.

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