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Port Coquitlam, Canada (PressExposure) March 10, 2011 -- Vancouver BC, Many companies irrespective of whether they are working on a large, medium or a small scale use time and attendance systems to record the working hours of the employees so they can pay their wages for the amount of work done. Some companies have a requirement to record the number of hours spent on a particular task so they can work out the cost accurately.

Time and Attendance Systems [] are designed to support the organizations to effectively manage the working hours of the employees. The work time of the employees are collected electronically as they are a paperless system. The systems change and simplify timekeeping and human resources management. It has the ability to interact with any payroll system and allows the employees to submit the leave letters electronically.

Time and attendance systems are capable of operating on a wide variety of platforms for different set of rules for business. They are used in many sectors such as healthcare, financial services, transportation or distribution, retail management, government, manufacturing and hospitality.

Time and Attendance Systems [] can effectively reduce the mistakes and can reduce the administrative problems of managing paper slips. They are most required in bigger companies with staff where the work schedules are constantly changing. Time tracking and schedule management capabilities are also provided which include setting the break time for employees, lunch time, time off and overtime.

There are various benefits of Time and Attendance System which are as follows:

For the management level personnel, it allows them to track and monitor employee performance automatically. Thus, it allows them to evaluate if there are any loopholes in the system.

It also keeps track of employees within the organization by forcing them to be responsible for their absenteeism. It is beneficial for both the employer and employee as well.

The crucial benefit of time and attendance system is that it provides the ability to calculate precious data about employee performance both on an individual level and on organizational level.

They are designedfor big companies which feature more sophisticated functionality such as keeping a track of employee's daily work by project, job and/or location and sophisticated job costing and job planning capabilities. There are other benefits of time and attendance systems such as less time is spent on tracking down timesheets, verifying accuracy, and transferring data from timesheet or time cards in order to process a pay roll.

CTS is one of the largest time system integrators and have 2000 installs which are serviced and supported by CTS are programmable, computerized, stand-alone or PC-based systems. Their product line includes time clocks [], computerized or electronic, system solutions for employee time and attendance, watchman clocks and many more.

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